23 thoughts on “Current Favorite Knives / Daggers in my Collection (26 Sept 2017)

  1. Vin A says:

    The old time knife with the three "similar" blades all serve different purposes. The two that are similar are a sheepsfoot when you don't want a tip in the way and the other is a spay knife for castrating livestock. The clip point is for EDC tasks.

  2. joetonyf says:

    sometime I'd like to see you compare the overall quality of different big brand name knives. Comparing and contrast, and give your opinion of the manufacturer's quality of merchandise by design and types of steel used. I've got a couple "Gerber" knives. (not the baby food)

  3. AllChemystery says:

    i have high opinion of the opinel knives. i was given one as a gift for a birthday 24 years ago and still use it a few times a week. all it needs is a quick strop every now and then and it is back to a razor. i have by no means gone gentle on it but haven't abused it either. The handle has seen better times but it still is in great shape with only cosmetic damage. i have always kept the blade clean and it has served well on several occasions. its part of my EDC always within reach.

  4. DEATH111183 says:

    the curved knife your subscriber made kinda reminds me of a parrying short sword….. though the blade is knife sized….. but i'm sure it could work to the same effect, just it narrows the point of contact in a combat situation, looks good though….. also ya might wanna tape the handle or something, the pad is splitting

  5. The4cp says:

    Lol I use a tenacious for work. It's the first work knife that hasn't bit me. It's big brother resilience took a bite out of a knuckle. The swabbie is a beast. I love mine.

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