CS:Go Tips | How to win a knife fight! (Every Time)

Have problems winning knife fights? Check out this video! (More info Below!) Damage profile: ——- Left click: — First swing: 34 After that: 21 Back stab: 90 Right …

36 thoughts on “CS:Go Tips | How to win a knife fight! (Every Time)

  1. TakingThisWay says:

    Summary: Double leftclick and right click from the front. If you are in a 1v1 knife with both of you full hp, you can run at the guy with this tactic and you will get him because double left+right is faster than doubleright AND has longer range. 64 for left clicks and 48 for right clicks i believe.

  2. Kurt Amegos says:

    you will win 100% of the time against one person if you dont be a wuss and charge at them and hit left twice and right, the only time you lose if another player enters or the enemy is using the same tactic and is quicker

  3. Miles Bishop says:

    It's actually not necessary to wait for the left click to recover, 2 consecutive quick left hits and then a right will at least kill an unarmored target, and I'm pretty sure it goes the same for an armored person.

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