Crusader Cooking System: Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor



SUBJECT: Crusader Cooking System / military canteen PURPOSE: Jim Wagner recommended product NUMBER: 5.05 Water Storage SECTION: 5 Water …

26 thoughts on “Crusader Cooking System: Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor

  1. AdventuresAreUs1 says:

    You have no idea mate do you. Maybe you should have assembled it before you made the crap video so you knew how it all connected and worked because that was a shocking demo. I have this and you explained it shite.

  2. Frank says:

    Plastic and aluminum are not safe materials for coming in contact with heat. The chemicals from the plastic pass in your warm water or food. During cooking, aluminum dissolves most easily from worn or pitted pots and pans. The longer food is cooked or stored in aluminum, the greater the amount that gets into food. Leafy vegetables and acidic foods, such as tomatoes and citrus products, absorb the most aluminum.
    Always use stainless steel. This is my advice to you

  3. colin wilson says:

    the fire starter pouch also has room for youre water purification tablets
    also the mk,2 is out now the stove part is a much better design and can
    be used with a wide variety of fules including biofules /sticks and a
    trangia which would not fit in the mk.1

  4. Steven S says:

    It's obvious he never used this product or a similar product "unit" before. I wonder why anyone would pick this somewhat ancient over something a lot lighter and better quality. Just google for outdoor products. Well, on this channel I guess it must be military to qualify…

  5. Natasha Ferrer-Perez says:

    The bottom stove part has a horizontal handle that flips over the opening so that the metal cup can sit on top of the handle away from the fuel tablet flame. Also, the plastic lid is for the metal cup to reduce the heat loss when boiling water. An essential tool to add to the Crusader System is an eating utensil of some kind and spare fuel tabs.

  6. 24540082 says:

    Jim I hold you to a high standard because you vids are normally so good, I love your pronunciation it's cool. Especially with the more European names, but there are loads of moors I think the one you were on was Dartmoor.

    It's a great bit of kit one I have used loads and I would highly recommend

    The only things I'd say about it I have melted two of the plastic lids on open fires. So be careful, the metal mug gets very hot don't drink straight from it and it's quite heavy.

    You are a good presenter this was just a bit of a fumble. What I love is that you are out and about visiting different places. You have a real passion for what you do it's great to see.

  7. 24540082 says:

    It's a great cook set, but seriously you needed to have at least practiced with it before did the video, it was unusually poor. Your self defence stuff is normally pretty good but that was a shambles you couldn't even get the name of the place you were in right.

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