Crucial Knife Defense Tips

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16 thoughts on “Crucial Knife Defense Tips

  1. Silke F says:

    This happened about 2 hours ago: I went home and on the way home 2 turkish guys told me out of their car window, that I´m a stupid heroin junkie and they looked angry like they asked for violent trouble. I don´t know them and I do NOT take drugs or cigaretttes or alcohol. I live healthy because I do kickboxing and muscle training. But you don´t see that because I´m little with 1,68 meters and I look very petite. So I looked both guys into their eyes. Both looked confused back and the one got again into his car (he was almost outside with one show) but the other guy took a knife out of his jacket. So he said "Be careful or something will happen to you if I decide to come out of the car!" so I waited but nothing happened. This happened at a street with nobody on the street. Its like a 100 meter long street without any people. And its dark now. Just the inside light of the car made his knife visible and these guys faces. They looked like 20 or 25 year old guys that try to play tough guy. But violent knife attacks happen a lot in my small city. Just try to bring out this message. So nothing happened. Not sure what you guys would have done. 2 guys with knifes, dark street, evening time, nobody, just you and 2 violent evil psychopath guys. Maybe they are dangerous criminals. Who knows?

  2. jakep1979 says:

    I think the most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings at all times when you are outside around people without being paranoid about it. Although I think there is some validity to knife self defense video's, some of knife attacks can be avoided through diplomacy . Don't get into a verbal spat with people, there are too many hot heads out there carrying knives and looking for any cause to pull it out and use it, so you just never know who has a weapon . Always check your ego at the door when someone wants to escalate a confrontation by verbally abusing your "supposed" weakness, your sexuality or your ethnic background. If those stuff get to you and you still want to confront the person then just be aware that they might have buddies or weapons around and unlike you just don't give a fuck and the street rules of "mano a mano" will quickly go out the window. You could easily lose your life by not walking away because some dumb guy with a low I.Q you barley even know and probably will never run into again made fun of you.

    Also some knife attacks cannot be avoided, there are unfortunately crazy people out there who walk around with a knife hidden and waiting for you to turn their back at them so they can just randomly stab you, so again awareness of your surroundings is also a key here.So beside watching good knife self defense video's like this one, always try to be in a good shape and have a sound mind, take some martial arts classes and you will be in a better position to defeat the unknown.

  3. Lord Willin says:

    Nick your knife self defense videos aren't bad by any means but if you haven't already check out Kali and the Filipino Martial Arts which mainly deal with blades and weaponry, the footwork alone might save someone's life. I don't think there's any art more efficient with the blade than Kali/Escrima/Arnis.

  4. Very Serious says:

    Nick, can you do a video on how to train your mind to stay composed and effective? When someone rushes at you you don't want to freeze, get weak knees and submit. How do you train mentally against quick or powerful attacks without full gear on?

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