CRKT M16-14SF – Tanto Tactical Knife



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34 thoughts on “CRKT M16-14SF – Tanto Tactical Knife

  1. Kurt Maier says:

    wow, watching these two is like watching two old ladies give a knife review. fucking lost and half arguing with each other. I'll never get the time wasted on these two chuckle heads back.. FML

  2. matt daughtry says:

    What if you go out and use the knife.. Put it through its paces, carry it, heck even abuse it to see how the thing holds up… I've enjoyed many of your tool videos but.. These knife reviews…. Seems like your just saying it's great to get free stuff.. I'd like to get in on that.. Heck send me the knives let me use them and I'll write your review! Come on I can get that kind of review from the company ad.

  3. Cole Magee says:

    Aluminum scaled knives almost always feel great in hand. My brother has a variation of this CRKT M16 and has beaten the living crap out of it. It has held up quite well. It seems as though you guys are getting to know your knives pretty well

  4. kevin shelton says:

    my good friend loves the Tanto points and CRKT as well even tho he cant ever get it sharp all the way across the edge especially the tanto tip. never owned one personally looks like a cool knife tho

  5. Cody Robertson says:

    Hey Dan! I went to lowes this past weekend and saw that Kobalt has a new 12 volt max line. So far they only have 3 tools in the line. For 159.00 dollars you get a kit with a charger, bag, 2×1.5ah batteries, jigsaw, impact driver (850 in. Lbs.) and a 3/8 drill all back by kobalt's 5 year warranty. These tools use slide battery packs and the 3/8 drill has a really neat clutch selector on it.

  6. TheBearuk1 says:

    bought the same knife with a desert camo handle and a silver blade, had it for 3 years while i worked in afghan and it's still going strong now! I've used it for everything from cutting string to puncturing tin and it has stayed constantly sharp with minimal honing…can't wait to hear the news on the ULTIMATE Tool Bag Giveaway!!

  7. John Stuart says:

    Eric looks like he just rolled out of bed for this review…LOL….glad he didn't cut himself with that knife which is pretty awesome by the way.  Good review and glad no one got hurt 🙂

  8. Chris K says:

    Nice review guys! Dan, looks like you were getting ready to go into a SlingBlade imitation!!!! "Coffee…makes me nervous when I drink it…Mmhmm". :). I'm gonna take me some of these taters home Mmmhmmm…. 😀

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