CRINGE Disarms That Should Be BANNED | Fake Martial Arts Masters DESTROYED



Outrageous Fake Disarm Martial Arts Will Make You CRINGE | Fake Martial Arts Masters DESTROYED In this episode of fake martial arts masters we take a look …

28 thoughts on “CRINGE Disarms That Should Be BANNED | Fake Martial Arts Masters DESTROYED

  1. AustriaZocker says:

    So far I enjoyed your videos, but this time I got the feeling you mixed up 3 things in a very out of context way: self defense, fake "martial arts" and some real martial art stuff.
    Don´t you care or don´t you see it?

  2. batlleborn 1985 says:

    Old guy controlled wrist and elbow and countered by rotating hes hips to redirect the push of the opponent into empty space. So if you think thats bs. Then bjj jiujitsu judo wrestling are all bs because they use the same principle. Elbow and wristcontrole are 1st lesson basics. I do bjj mma sanda for 20 years and i know some pushing hands champions and if you dont understand what the man is talking about you would not win a match against him. Do you even know the rules of pushing hands before giving it shit. Yes in practice like on the video it goes very flow to get a better feel of weight distribution . Btw if you move a foot you lose. And that move i use already 5 times as a bouncer. Redirect the arm with wrist and elbow control move to take the back to choke ffers out. So if pushing hands is fake the initial contact of every grappling sport is fake. Because in every grappling sport you try to influence the balance of youre opponent to take him Down in pushing hands you won the momment you can influence hes balance enough so hé has to take a step. So you lose easier in pushing hands then in judo or bjj. its easy to claim bs if you dont practice or even understand a sport or concept. The world is round was also bs. bjj before ufc 1 was also bs .

  3. GhostCrowGamer says:

    I just start yelling KaMA…A MA….. at that point everyone runs from me… or I gain the attention of everyone around me thus allowing me to live in fear of judgement but still being alive the next day.

  4. Shane Snider says:

    I don’t know anything about disarms, but the first person in your video who appears again at 3:11 is Victor Marx a former US soldier and a 7th degree black belt. He’s the real deal even if his disarm technique isn’t.

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