Crazy Tactic Used by Larger Attackers (MUST WATCH)

We asked a larger attacker what methods he would use in a street fight. A larger attacker’s strategy would be to …

21 thoughts on “Crazy Tactic Used by Larger Attackers (MUST WATCH)

  1. NothingMaster says:

    Exactly, in this case the objective is to deliver high-low devastating strikes with plenty of momentum/oomph behind them, as quickly as possible, and NOT to stop till the opponent/aggressor is completely out of commission. This is a life or death, self defense street fighting scenario, not competition sparring, so anything goes. The person that uses his head, remains clam, doesn't let his ego get in the way, controls his fear, fights intelligently, makes every move count, attacks first, isn't scared of getting hit, targets key vulnerable areas, attacks the fastest, and attacks the hardest with a vengeance usually wins (albeit, that is a tall order that's best honed in with plenty of practice).

  2. KillerSalmon says:

    What he's doing is actually really smart. He's basically nullifying every advantage that a small person might have over a bigger person (speed, agility), and maximizing his opportunities to use his advantages (power, bulk). Pretty smart.

  3. Aurelian Spodarec says:

    Do a video thats with over a 7ft guy.

    Anyways, what i learned form this videos is that if someone is bigger than you, you must target his knees, groin, face, neck, places like this and do him a serious damage.

    I feel safe now lol

  4. Ramiro Leiva says:

    I'm one of those big guys who actually moves faster than smaller people and run faster. And have more endurance. Obvious more power and outweigh most people by 150 – 200 pounds. It's not good. And I'm watching these videos with 20 street fights under my belt.

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