15 thoughts on “Crazy Monkey Defense

  1. Schecky Gomez says:

    The stick and knife attacks shown in that video will get you seriously hurt or killed on the street. Try it against anyone who knows how to use those weapons on the street and you will quickly learn that reality.

  2. pete26785 says:

    are boxers permitted to use the crazy monkey in thier defence in the ring? how about mma guys, thai boxers??? i dont u nderstand why more not doing it, it seems very effective

  3. IronMongoose1 says:

    Great vid, you made me miss my bedtime. 🙁

    But that title and description… heh heh… not everything in there is CMD, is it now? 😉

    What's the knife stuff you were doing? I have never seen it, and it's probably the only stuff on the vid I'm not familiar with!

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