Crazy Cop Story 28 – Secret Service For President Reagan & Banana With An Attitude

First story is about President Reagan walking in on us while we were playing cards. Second story was a loud party call and one guy was dressed as a banana …

24 thoughts on “Crazy Cop Story 28 – Secret Service For President Reagan & Banana With An Attitude

  1. dilbertgeg says:

    Thru the lens of MARKETING of "America" on the world stage, I came to see Bush as pre-selected "Cowboy" (Al Gore didn't fit the Crusader-Cowboy role) to enact the new unilateral Imperialism phase of US foreign policy, pre-described in book "The Grand Chessboard", and by other think tanks PRIOR to Sept 11. This phase required (according to their speeches and writings) a major terror attack on US soil, in order to scare the American people and scare Congress into mass paralysis or mass hypnosis, into writing the President and Cheney a blank check to invade anywhere:

    Afghanistan too but mainly Iraq was the stated target to re-invade, beginning with reports and opinion-pieces in the mid-1990s. Bosnia was merely a regional warm-up. But they needed a good solid reason to take out Saddam by full military invasion (CIA assassination attempts and coup attempts had failed), not some vague reasons and justifications about generic threats. Iraq was getting ready to go back online with sanctions being dropped by Europe, etc. People were ready to do business with Iraq under Saddam.

    Think tank guys who were loosely or tightly connected to Intelligence and the Pentagon said Washington needed to move quickly to overthrow Iraq or else lose the opportunity, hence the need for massive a terror attack on US soil. This was a widespread "understanding" among these foreign policy actors, some pro-Israel, some indifferent or hostile to Israel.

    These "understandings" were openly published, not some secret Wikileaks type stuff. Neither the anti-Bush "Left" corporate media nor the pro-Bush "Right wing" corporate media has covered this open information or the "weirdness" that our "national security policy establishment base" linked to "intelligence" was advocating in favor of a terror attack on the United States.

    From the same MARKETING perspective of "America", I came to see Barack Hussein Obama as the "cleanup" phase of Bush's "Boots on the Ground" aka "Bull in a China Shop" massive invasion, a planned return to "peace-keeping" mode, and with the message to Europe and responsible elements (allies, so-called) in the Middle East of "we're sorry, America was traumatized and we went crazy with vengeance and outright lying for a while, but now we're back to sane and democratic again, and acting as a responsible team player with our allies" — so the emphasis had switched to counter-insurgency, special ops, drones, etc. — quieter war from the perspective of Americans.

    Bush was the "image" for the first phase. Obama was the "image" for the second phase. Trump seems to be the "image" for maintaining but reducing foreign meddling, also predicted in Grand Chessboard and Pentagon's New Map by Barnett, for a more cooperative foreign policy of joint cooperation via combined military operations by the G20 nations like England, France, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  2. plzhelpj says:

    Man, did you have to go back to the future for those shoes? What are those !? lol

    Anyhoo, I had to rewind the first two minutes of the video probably three times b/c I was watching the cat and heard nothing you said 🙂

  3. samuski36 says:

    Halloween 2003 I'm at a costume party with an Osama Bin Laden and a US Soldier. They find each other, Osama bends over, the soldier get's behind him with a collar/choke chain thing and they go from there…funniest shit I ever saw, best Halloween party EVER!
    Great stories!

  4. Eric Schassberger says:

    Contrast your story about Reagan with the one I heard about Obama telling the young Marine at the bottom of the stairs of the Marine One helicopter to "shine it up real nice" for his return trip.
    Obama is one classless piece of shit.

  5. mattatat1138 says:

    my brother keeps telling me that i should write all my crazy corrections and EMS stories into some kind of book… but crazy cop stories would make a far better book title lol

  6. indie825 says:

    Nice to see Mokey chillaxing with you. Great stories. Love the Banana with an attitude. I can visualize that stem sign language…lol. Would have made a great mugshot. Hope Buddy and Mr. T are doing well.

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