CQC Training in CEBU, Philippines with Luke Holloway

LEARN CQC ONLINE TODAY!! Luke Holloway Founder of Raw Combat International Tactical Firearms Instructor, Personal Security …

15 thoughts on “CQC Training in CEBU, Philippines with Luke Holloway

  1. CombatOasis says:

    There he is! Good to see ya, Luke. Disorienting the opponent's face was cool. & good perspective @ 2.57 via: "Push him away and scan because: every dickhead has a mate" – easy to get tunnel vision & forget that. Another great video.

  2. Albert Nygren says:

    This is Great! Thanks for giving us this peek at what can be done with bare hands if we are attacked. I can also see that these moves must be practiced with a partner and probably with headgear. Luke, did you wear headgear when you began this type of training or did you let people hit you hard?

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