CQB: Knife Fighting – CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT TRAINING – Self Defense Hacks 2020 – Old School 👊🏻



This is just a short clip from Alysia and I working on some of her Tactical Knife Training. Ladies, Knowing how to defend yourself is obviously important. A self …

6 thoughts on “CQB: Knife Fighting – CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT TRAINING – Self Defense Hacks 2020 – Old School 👊🏻

  1. Markus Antonious says:

    Sorry, but actually having practiced a bit of knife fighting I have to say that none of these techniques are realistic. The quickest way, most effective technique of knife-on-knife is a lightning fast strike down the middle to the face; follow-up slash to the throat. Fight over. Of all the fancy stuff I've seen on youtube, I reckon in a pinch that none of it would defend against such.

  2. wmpyr says:

    I'm sorry for the super late response, Youtube blocked your comment, so I didn't get this until now a year later. From what I see, she is working with you on specific techniques, we all have to do that. So anyone that criticizes this doesn't understand martial arts training. From this point on, after the student has shown comfort and proficiency in the techniques, then I do exercises to make things a little bit harder, for example, what happens if the opponent doesn't drop the knife so easily, or what if you slash them, and for whatever reason they still come at you, and pin you to the wall or take you down. I just incrementally add one or two more "failures and struggles" to head towards a little bit more realistic rather than just go full contact, because full contact is a great way for your students to get injured and discouraged. Just my 2 cents

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