Couple Robbed at Knifepoint

It is vitally important to know when you have to fight, and when it’s best to comply with the attacker’s demands. Subscribe to my channel …

46 thoughts on “Couple Robbed at Knifepoint

  1. MJ venom says:

    how do you defend yourself if you are with your family and a group of people attack you and each one has a knife or a dangerous weopon and thay hold you and surround you and your family what do you do ???

  2. Brandon Hardy says:

    Hey Nick, great video! i was always taught that when it comes to being
    robbed and stuff of that nature that you always give them everything
    material, phone, money, keys etc. Until you have nothing to give but
    your life and if they want that then you should then react and do what
    you can to make it out alive

  3. shi says:

    What if you see him coming and have a chance to intercept the knife arm before it reaches you?

    Is it really worth it to take the chance on believing that he will just hold it there instead of immediately cutting you?

  4. Marlon Ticao says:

    I got lucky once with my then girlfriend, whose now my wife. But the memories of being in that situation still gives me chills. What if my heroics went out bad? What i realized was that.. to avoid is a better self-defense.

    If you are familiar with the place, the best thing to do is to avoid that dangerous place. But in a foreign land you can not always be sure of the risks in where you are going. Try to read about, ask about where you are going. It could help.

    But if it does happen, i indeed agree. Dont try to be a hero.


  5. Marlon Ticao says:

    I got lucky once with my then girlfriend, whose now my wife. But the memories of being in that situation still gives me chills. What if my heroics went out bad? What i realized was that.. to avoid is a better self-defense.

    If you are familiar with the place, the best thing to do is to avoid that dangerous place. But in a foreign land you can not always be sure of the risks in where you are going. Try to read about, ask about where you are going. It could help.

    But if it does happen, i indeed agree. Dont try to be a hero.


  6. Limon Juice says:

    In real life if this happened your body would be found with a slash to your neck laying right on top of your dead girlfriend.  It's a dangerous world fellas.  Always carry a gun when walking out on the streets.  Remember, vote YES to the NRA and vote YES to carrying guns in public.

  7. M_Teague says:

    A guy came up to me in a city once and asked for money for the bus. I was actually lost and was looking for my car in a downtown area I was not familiar with. I noticed at a very particular hour the police and a large number of the crowd simply vanished from the streets despite daylight still out. At the time the guy tried to come up to me, I spotted him from 50 feet distance walking in an unusual pattern and closing distance on me. So I tried moving to a place where I was more visible with people around, even scant but he still marched right up to me. So when he came up to me alone, some 6'1" (I'm 5'5") the first thing I did was put a hand out. He was forced to keep distance, walk straight into my hand, or shake it. He knew that if he pressed in closer that I would already be aware of an aggressive act or if he didn't really mean any harm (which prevents an escalation from a stupid argument of offense) he would keep his distance. He opted to keep his distance and I said, "Hi, what's up?" to him first letting him know I was prepared to greet him.

    When I pulled out my wallet, I did not take my eyes off of him. I was in a particular "stance" (not a typical feet-together) and I was partially bent low and on the balls of my feet. He knows instantly from body language I am ready to fight him if I need to. He probably knew from experience that most people make the mistake of looking at the ground when they walk or at their pockets when they reach for something or at the doorknob when they open a door, and I didn't. I talked first before he did with a prepared response. All of these subtle things add up to him knowing I'm aware of him.

    I showed him I had $4. I even let him reach for my wallet when I fingered out the dollars for him but my other hand was still angled towards him slightly. I also have the advantage of being left-handed so I did not even have to move my right hand away from him to get the wallet and dexterously finger out the money for him to take. I'm ready to fight him, he knows it, and he's going to have to be prepared to risk fighting someone that is aware and at least looks like knows what he's doing and and is not intimidated by his size over 4 little dollars. It's not worth it, but my life is.

    With my other hand I was making gestures and pointing, "The closest bus stop is probably over there." Having social and psychological control of the situation with all of my unusual preparedness (and his body language and eyes told me he was actually confused and a bit surprised), he followed the direction of my finger pointing and never looked back. 

    – – 

    A second time a longer time ago I was at a Wal-Mart with my sister at just after midnight. As we were leaving I noticed a guy wearing a large hoodie overcoat, sunglasses, and a ball cap (near the end of summer) with his back to the wall and looking around, wiping his face and watching people. I spotted him from halfway across the store and kept an eye on him. The second reason people get attacked frequently is the inability to notice oddities and watchers. I can follow people without being seen easily because they simply aren't aware of me doing so. Looking at a phone, looking at where they're walking, looking for an item in an isle, looking in the purse, staring intently at someone's eyes in a conversation, etc. Unfortunately, he did not seem to notice that I was keeping an eye on him.

    As we walked by, he came and walked right up behind us pretty close, and being the only 3 people walking out the door there was no need to be that close with such wide spaces available. So I pulled out my eyes, jingled them really hard while keeping him in my peripheral vision, and then clenched a fist around my long car key sticking out between my the knuckles of my pointer and middle finger. I was, without saying anything rude, without confronting him, without even looking directly at him stating, "I am preparing to fight you with my fucking car key. When I punch you in the face I am going to stab you with it. If you want to come at me, I'm ready. You might have a knife or a gun, but I'm willing to fight you, I won't be easy, and I probably know what I'm doing and you probably don't. You can't get the jump on me." 

    As soon as we exited, he walked as fast as he could along the edge of the building directly away from us towards no where in particular. The whole time my sister had no idea he even existed.

    I live in a very safe place in the world. People are generally polite to each other because most of my immediate population recognizes and accepts the fact evil exists and 1 in 4 persons are prone to carrying a gun on them. And these 2 potential incidents still happened. First time I was too young for a conceal and carry permit, the other I had not gotten one yet.

    In a foreign country, this potential has got to escalate. As a tourist, you stick out like a sore thumb and all of the locals would know it.

  8. Stoyan Stoyanov says:

    I absolutely loved the “foreign country” thing. That small detail is a real game changer. We have a saying that roughly translates to “In another’s neighborhood, even the sidewalk tiles are stacked against you”.

    In my own country I know how to keep my situational awareness in check, how not to get into trouble or if despite all that, things still take a turn for the ugly, I would most probably talk myself out of it. If this too fails, there is still the safety net of the concealed automatic on the back of my waist once I have regained both the range advantage and initiative. Of course, I am not talking about shooting someone in the back while he is fleeing or when I am no longer in immediate danger.

    However, for a firearm to be even considered, one must always have it on one’s person. To boost my discipline into always carrying it, my safe is not within easy reach and all my trousers for the week are already belted with a holster on them. When the alternative is accessing the safe, as I would never leave a firearm at home unattended, and going out with an empty holster on my waist guess what I opt for.

    Unfortunately all this becomes absolutely irrelevant in a foreign country and the only thing left to do is research beforehand, keep your guard up and carry your id and main cash hidden in a backup ankle wallet or something. That way, if you get robbed, you will part only with your pocket wallet. As far as wearing a thousand dollar watch on a walk in a strange place, one should know better.

    As a side note, recently a boxer friend of mine was on vacation in Marseille. While walking with his wife, he saw two French Arabs pissing on the wall of a cathedral and called out to them at which point both charged at him. Being what he is, both were promptly lying cold on the ground and he moved on. The next morning, his SUV was torched in front of the hotel he was in and his vacation was over on account of dealings with the police, insurance agents, etc.

  9. Ben Fullerton says:

    Great points! I totally agree that if you can get away with deescalating and/or just giving  your stuff away, that's absolutely what you should do. 

    But i you ever had to act, a few things jumped out to me in this video that I had never really thought of before. 

    1- Keeping your hands up and encouraging them to take your wallet out of your pocket open up a huge window for you. You still have two hands in play, they have one busy digging in your pocket, and their attention is away from their weapon and focussing on the pocket.

    2- If you gesture towards that pocket with your left hand, it won't be seen as a threatening movement and allows you to slightly sneak inside his guard, which will give you the chance to deflect the blade to the outside, away from your neck.

    3- If you turn your head even slightly, it moves the blade onto the muscle of your neck, and away from the carotid, giving you an extra few millimeters between the blade and a fatal cut. 

    So if well practiced, it seems you could keep your hands up, gesture to the inside towards the pocket and turn your head towards it as well, both which would be hidden movements. Then when their attention is down and one hand and their attention is occupied, that's your window, you deflect the knife away from your neck, and deliver the hard open handed strike to the jaw that you can, which will be compounded by the fact that the attacker is looking down at your pocket. If done right, they should be quite unconscious. But like you said, if done wrong, it's a baaaad situation. Just mentally processing some small opportunities and nuances that I've never picked up on before.

    Cheers, Nick, thanks for the videos!

  10. Brian West says:

    Common sense approach I lie it, Again defuses the situation if at all possible, like you said if they are threating to take your girl, or out to end your life, and their mind is set on that that changes things. But definitely defuse it if all possible if that means giving them the money, purse car what ever..  And I have never read in the paper about some on just getting stabbed once.

  11. Adam Landa says:

    This is a well thought out situation. Not trying to be a badass and a tactical wanna be. Simply doing the smart thing to do. Way too many unknowns in a situation like this. I commend you for sending the right message. Not trying to rig up some bullshit reason to go on the attack and get yourself hurt or others. Looking forward too more videos.

    Stay safe and strike responsibly.

  12. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I had a similar thing happen to me, I was in Moscow, I don't speak much Russian but I know enough, I just gave him what ever I he wanted… but then less than 10 minutes later, he got caught after I informed the police and I got my stuff back.. We were near a populated location and he had the knife right on my liver and was pressing it in.. I could have disarmed him, but I didn't want to risk it so I just gave him the stuff and found the closest police officer and 10 or so minutes later they had him and my stuff.

  13. Liist says:

    I need to take some force-on-force classes with handguns and Simunitions rounds. Hopefully I'll never get into that situation but you never know. 

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