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Knife defense, no compliance.

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  1. Bill Slayer says:

    I don't see anything that would allow you to survive a real life knife attack. By attempting to grapple you ensure you're at the perfect range to be stabbed REPEATEDLY! Rather then trying to grab the knife arm…which causes no damage to the attacker and never does anything to disorientate the attacker…you need to strike him! You need to hurt him! It's still not a guarantee but it's far more effective than anything any of these pin cushions are doing!

  2. khoirus sobri says:

    Although the reality based training is nice always, but i think rather than focusing on the knife all the time, i rather focusing on what comes before that, like situation awareness and management. Not to get your ego too big/angry (thus letting the enemy get too close/pulling a weapon) keeping a safe distance in initial confrontation (if enemy comes hits the red zone, hit, hard). Strike, strike the closest target (usually face), hit vital target, and hit first and hit hard. Fuck em up first if they gets too aggressive or too close, it isnt a match. If they already became a stabbing machine i think its a little bit too late (unless its an ambush, then sure), just like if someone pull out a gun and backing up for distance, too late…

  3. Whammer79 says:

    Far too much focus on trying to gain control of the knife hand/arm, this only results in being an easy target. It's fine to say never give up, but what you'll see is that if you get stabbed to a vital area your blood pressure will drop so low that you'll just drop. This happened to a friend of mine. He got stabbed a couple of times and one stab cut his brachial artery and within seconds he collapsed, luckily quick medical attention saved his life.
    So what should one do? Instead of trying to wrestle for control of the knife you need to strike and injure the attacker and look to escape as quick as you can. In the end there is no good method of fighting barehanded vs. a knife, but some tactics are better than others.

  4. J Hernandez says:

    I know I am about to type something dumb but if you can't run you fight. Control is important but strike good and hard and try to avoid getting hit in the vitals. You are gonna get stabbed and cut hopefully if you act aggressive and strike hard and swift enough maybe gain some distance and get out. Knife control to some degree seems to be about luck, speed and strength. These videos all show the real fights are tough and deadly.

  5. AstralStorm says:

    If these are Blauer helmets, I recommend switching. This window is made out of thin acrylic (plexi-glass) and can shatter – an eyeful of plastic shards is the last thing anyone ever wants. Plus it is overly expensive.

    You can replace the window with something appropriate like a mesh or maybe polycarbonate if you want to keep them.

    Generally polycarbonate (e.g. Lexan, Macrolon) scratches easily but has a lot of flex. Acrylic (e.g. Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex) does not scratch but shatters, even if specially treated.

  6. Ninja Dook says:

    I carry a blade on my side. I know how to apply it to my daily routines as well as self defense. A man with a knife is as dangerous if not deadlier than a man with a firearm. Silence and stealth are the key components of an intelligent man with blade. Funny thing, the absolute last thing on my mind is hurting people with my knife, and the first thing that comes to mind in EVERYONE who observes my knife on my side is “he has a weapon”.
    A knife is a tool. God forbid I ever have to use it to defend myself and others in the event of any situation that requires me to go on the defensive/offensive. Good day.

  7. Elliot Goon says:

    Seems like whatever you do, you'll definitely be cut or stabbed. Doesn't matter whether it's aikido or krav maga or BJJ. No system can guarantee you that you'll survive unscathed against an assailant. The best thing is to either run, or use a make shift nearby weapon like a chair or a long stick to try n counter the stabs.

  8. 이종민 says:

    나이프 방어가 현실적으로 어려운 건 사실이다. 하지만 거기에 대한 방어법이 계속 나오고 발전되어야만 한다. 다수의 안전을 위해서!

  9. RuneZer0 says:

    Where'd ya'll get those helmets? Our HEMA club uses fencing masks for our training, but I'd love to be able to use something like those so we can incorporate striking and make the sparring more realistic.

  10. Gabriel Vaca says:

    Excelente entrenamiento, muchos preguntarán, a donde quedan las técnicas que muestran en videos? Simple, se vuelven obsoletas, ante un ataque de arma blanca, la única forma de sobre vivir, es correr o luchar de esta forma y evitar que te maten. Estas prácticas reales son las que muchos tienen que entrenar para darse cuenta el riego que corres al enfrentar un cuchillo. Lo mejor de todo los cabezales, que marca son??? Saludos.

  11. Kayakwinds says:

    NEVER SURRENDER!!! As you lie bleeding on the street with the last of your life ebbing away, you have the comforting knowledge that you fought a valiant, although futile, fight. And for those of us still in the land of the living, It kind of makes you think that carrying a self defense weapon isn't such a bad idea.

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