Cool Single Sword/Stick Kali Drill



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18 thoughts on “Cool Single Sword/Stick Kali Drill

  1. Necromante Errante says:

    Hello bro.
    I just saw your channel and I would like to suggest you to do series of videos about training.
    Do 1 basic series of 5 videos for beginners, other for middle and other advance. On video for every day, monday to friday. Videos about empty hand, knife, karambit, stick, so on.
    You have great content, but it is all dispersed in your channel. Now all the gyms are closed and I am lock in my apartment, so it is a great moment for trying other marcial arts and stay fit.
    Think about it and thank.

  2. Bratty-V Channel says:

    Kuya Paul
    I gotta praise a lot for your 5-essentials series! I suggest replacing the old 5-essential videos with improved videos, and perhaps to the whole playlist so that other people who don't know where to start training Kali will have a good starting point..?

  3. Jack Shen says:

    Would you consider a video focusing on Ginunting sword? Playing around I have noticed due to it's shape, if you counter a diagonal forehand with matching diagonal forehand, the inwards curve carries the opponent weapons down onto your hand. I know ideally you are aiming for their hand and it should come off, but stuff happens and catching the weapon makes that slide into your hand.

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