Convert your knife sheath for safety and comfort with a D ring

An improperly-rigged sheath knife can be uncomfortable – and dangerous – to carry. Here is a way to integrate an inexpensive metal D ring into your sheath that …

15 thoughts on “Convert your knife sheath for safety and comfort with a D ring

  1. ogenmatic says:

    Good advice that's well presented. Few people think about sheath failure until it actually happens & then it can be literally fatal.
    What model Bark River is shown in the black sheath?

  2. Al Trecker says:

    I've returned high-riding hunting knives because they wont shift enough to allow you to sit in a truck! Pretty much worthless… this would have been a great alternative.  I've just fashioned a version of this for my Mora using a BDU button and a Rapala fillet knife belt loop, I'll post a video of it when I get a chance.  Thanks for a fantastic idea.

  3. northcacalacka545 says:

    I like the d-ring.  Although I have not used a side carry sheath, I think they would be great for a 3 or 4 inch knife.  Concealable even more so than a pocket folder with a clip for your pocket.  I guess it all comes down to the application right! 

  4. issinho says:

    I like this idea.  Just one question:  What is that clip that you're talking about on the belt?!  I can go down to the hardware store and ask about the D-Rings, no problem, but to try and guess what that clip is…yeah, I might be a little on the ignorant side of THAT coin.

  5. Oldtimer Lee says:

    Good tip. Thanks for sharing. Hadn't thought much one way or another about d-rings. Just added them to my pick up some list. Can see where having some of those, of various sizes, in a small parts drawer can come in handy. 

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