Connecting Kids With Their Food

A beautiful summer day on the farm. My grandfathers last day here, turning hay and more… Music by Epidemic Sound ( Follow …

32 thoughts on “Connecting Kids With Their Food

  1. The Group says:

    Forgot to film you eating ? This is a Homestead channel and we are here to see the animals !!! ;P
    Nah, just joking… well, if we forget how it looks like when ppl eat then we have our smartphone so it´s possible to film it ourself…

  2. ApplePie 2017 says:

    Lots for the cows to eat! It looks so idyllic. I envy you. We had a small farm, but my husband was just too lazy for that life. He'd rather watch TV lol. So he was given his walking papers. Thank you for these videos. We can live vicariously through you and your lovely family. God bless from the USA.

  3. Mike Stone says:

    This idea has become such a driving passion for my wife and I, not only for our own children, but anyone else who is willing or interested. As humans and image bearers, we have a responsibility to steward and appreciate the gifts we have been given.

  4. Corkbern lulow says:

    Such a nice day. Good Memories for your family. Makes me nostalgic for family dinner gatherings in summer. In my 70's i seem to remember more…more time to enjoy .;-) . Being content in any situation is a God given blessings we may have.

  5. Buzzy'sHelper says:

    Both my mother and father were raised in a farm family. They both are (were) hard working and frugal people, both could make a great simple meal with fresh ingredients. Dad has passed on, but years ago he took us hunting for food, and showed us wild asparagus, moral mushrooms, and he shot small game.

  6. Anna Barbara says:

    Beautiful animals! That’s how all animals have to live! Free, happy, healthy, together with their families, not like slaves for human food, no abuse and murder for human food! I wish them a long, happy life together with their families, same as humans!

  7. Arminda Comas says:

    I had to explain to my mother about grass fed beef having a different color the the fat and the texture was different because it was not a factory farm. She was given some and thought it was bad. I told her the difference and then offered to buy the roast and was told a big no. Lol. So many people have forgotten what real food looks and tastes like. Thank you for showing it to the world

  8. Shirley J says:

    Shopping for dinner in the garden is my favorite place to shop. lol. The kids are really growing, must be the healthy food sun shine and fresh air
    Love seeing the cattle come when you call. Hope the kids had a glorious visit with your Grandfather.

  9. K Simpson says:

    Love watching you with your children, it's not often we see it. That really takes me back to my childhood and living on a farm. Every child should spend at least a few months on a farm so they can see where food comes from. Taking your kids to the Grocery Store teaches them nothing more than how money is spent. Great Job Simion and Family! I'm going to see if I can learn Sweden in the next few months. I've met only a couple of girls in my younger days from sweden and I love the accent, don't tell my wife!

  10. Jason Robison says:

    Another great video and a few observations:
    I've been watching since 3k subs and my dogs love your whistling. They are even starting to eat grass like highland cattle.
    It takes a real man to wear socks and crocs.
    I don't care if you mention names when handling steaks, but I'm sure there are those that do.
    Is that your same brother in his summer coat?
    I agree with you saying the potatoes just need to boil a few minutes, I like my potatoes and steak rare.
    I wish we had better produce and protein here in the US. The Swedish Wok made my mouth water.
    Hello from Boston, and a happy life to you all!

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