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  1. Bernard Crow says:

    I'd have to say concealed carry would be the better way to go simply because with open carry, you make yourself a target. That's not to say that criminals WILL attack you if they see a weapon, but in some cases where they think they stand a chance, YOU will be the first person they shoot at. Both have their benefits, but I'd prefer not letting anyone know I was armed until I needed to use my weapon.

  2. Dustin Granger says:

    My personal preference is open carry, however, it can be argued both ways.  Most criminals don't want to deal with someone they know is armed, but if you actually get one who does, at least he's got some balls. 

  3. Bill Kunert says:

    I am retired and disabled so applied for a CCW. In MO you can carry open, so me and my cane and glock22 took a trip to Walmart. When I saw the fear the open presence of my gun invoked, i vowed only to open carry at the range. Plus i hate to think some numbnuts would try to bullrush me (cane is aluminum with. old steel inside), so i stopped carrying until my permit arrived

  4. Dave's Homestead says:

    I don't endorse concealed carry for any reason other than tactical. As I said in the video, I have no problem with open carry for political purposes. It has nothing to do with if I have a "pair" or not.

  5. Gene Allen says:

    Blacks law dictionary. Read what a license is. You have swallowed some fatal lies. This cc carry permit will be the very thing the state uses to remove ALL gun ownership rights. See England.
    You all better grow some and open carry. Permission slips will entangle you.
    NRA is state approved. More politics. More money to lull you to sleep.
    Ex Il officer. Law student.

  6. mdr8088 says:

    What is with California? They ban everything that's fun…. People make fun of WV, all the time, but at least it's an open carry state. If we just had more jobs I couldn't complain much. lol

  7. ElDub50 says:

    Feel free to question anything you want.
    There was nothing in my comment about questioning or opposing anyone's right to carry.
    I question most open carry proponents motifs as explained, because 'most' appear to simply want to make a statement and attract attention instead of open carrying for any other reason.

  8. Mountain Prepper says:


    "Conceal And Carry Holder Robbed With His Own Gun"
    Criminal searched the victim, finding a pistol, put it to the victim’s head. The victim lost the gun and his wallet during the attack. The victim’s handgun has not been recovered.

    This compared to how many HUNDREDS of thwarted crimes?

    Statistics do not back up the case against open-carry OR concealed carry.

    Our rights are RIGHTS regardless of the mob's opinion!

  9. Mountain Prepper says:

    Do I have a right to question your motives for owning a firearm? Or better stated does my right to question you in any way lesson your right to own that firearm?

    We don't have to argue advantage, or what is "better" this is an issue of your rights, the moment you question a right to carry you in effect join the anti-gun statist progressives who want to remove your rights. Like Zumbo who clearly did not understand our RIGHTS because he thought that hunting was the "legitimate" reason.

  10. O7ROADKING says:

    you the man. if you open carry the element of surprise is lost.hell if i were a criminal id be targeting these people.hell its and easy way to get a new gun. that's if i were a criminal. also to many of these folks are doing this with cameras trying to make the cop look like an ass. and that cant be good for the law abiding gun owners

  11. sabretooth75 says:

    @ElDub50 Agree totally! Some of these videos that show people openly carrying come more across as staged events. They carry their firearms and a camera to make an ass of themselves. They get defensive and belligerent with the police and I believe that they hurt the gun community more than help. What's worse is the people who call them heroes. If they handle this responsibly, respectfully, and without the exhibitionism I'm inclined to look at them in a better light.

  12. sabretooth75 says:

    @caregiver7751 John R Lott Jr's book More Guns, Less Crime uses statistical data to show a correlation between the direct effect on reduced crime rates in states where concealed carry permits are allowed…

  13. GunzCoty says:

    @ElDub50 Maybe most open carry proponents don't want to make a statement but end up doing so because of the people who try to stop them from doing a legal act and try to take away there rights.
    If i am on a hike or out fishing i will open carry and sometimes in the city as well. Ever try to pull a concealed gun with a pit-bull clamped on your arm?

  14. ElDub50 says:

    I've listened to a lot of arguments on both sides. I'm of the opinion that there is never an advantage to civilian open carry. Additionally, it's almost consistent, across the board, that open carry proponents want to make a statement, instead of believing they are using a better defensive method. I don't oppose people's right to do so, I just question their motives.

  15. mdr8088 says:

    I agree with what your saying, and you bring up a lot of good points. I have a ccp, and most of the time I carry it concealed for a lot of the reasons you say, but there are times when I'll pull my coat or shirt up over and let in down inside to expose my gun. I firmly believe that it can act as a detterence to some criminals. They're going to get the next guy that won't cause a problem and doesn't have a gun. Of course if they suprise you it's already a bad thing. It depends on the situation

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