Concealed Carry Holsters Part 2

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48 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Holsters Part 2

  1. Killabee-23 says:

    I don't carry my holsters with that much retention I don't think it's a good idea to have to use an insane amount of effort to draw your firearm. I understand that more retention means it's harder for the bad guy to get your gun but it's also going to be harder for you to get your gun in a quick manner.everything else I agree with.

  2. k moods says:

    kind of an oversimplification of the crossbreed style holsters. when you wear them against your skin the leather backing pushes against the pistol which gives you retention.

  3. ZBeard says:

    Love your videos, and I might have to take a look at a Greenforce for my Kahr CM9. That pistol works well for me IWB appendix, which I carry during warm months when clothing is skimpier. During the cold months I prefer a Glock 19, but I have a problem with that pistol and IWB carry. I was a skydiver for twelve years, and I did many bad things to my back during that time. The Glock is very uncomfortable for me with appendix carry, and whenever I've carried it IWB strong side after a few days it's got my back SCREAMING. The best holster I've found for that pistol is a cheap Glock Sport Combat holster. It holds it tight against my body, retains it well, and it really doesn't print any more than an IWB… and it doesn't hurt my back. To me it's the doggondest $15 holster you can buy.

  4. alaskajohn907 says:

    Greenforce is one of the few companies that sells a holster or the Sig SP2022 I just ordered mine, thanks for the good info, hopefully now my search for a good holster is over 🙂

  5. waffenmacht says:

    Mr Birdzell, you missed it on the crossbreed. Having carried one for about 10 years, daily I have never lost a weapon, that includes crossing rivers and playing on monkey bars with my kid! Once the holster is bent around the contour of your body, retention is sufficient to keep the weapon holstered. I suspect you know this and I am not sure why you did not demonstrate it.

  6. Nick T says:

    Crossbreed will repair or replace any holster. Furthermore, Crossbreed has a video on their website how to tighten or loosen the retention on the holster.

  7. SYZYGY0554 says:

    I respect what you're saying but it's all from very personal experience. You make it very obvious that you just bought yourself a new holster and now it's the best one in the world and you're now looking for all of the positive responses verifying that you made the best decision and it's the one they have as well.  Cmon BillyBirdzell, I've experienced a LOT of holsters some good some bad some awesome but it's only my opinion based on the way I carry, my body type, how I wear my holster and many other variables. When I was first looking for a holster I looked at "opinions" on You Tube. I saw 30 + vids of Cross Breed and they were All praising the holster with a lifetime guarantee. If you didn't like it Send It Back!! They will make it right. By the way all of the opinions I read on the Cross Breeds were completely opposite of yours. Go Figure! I don't have one yet but I sure have heard some great things about them. Same thing about Bravo's, Clingers, Ravens etc etc.. Your new little holster isn't really any different than the top names. Sorry for going off man but I get so tired of people trying to convince others that the experiences they have are the absolute ones that everyone else will have. " It's only your opinion based on 2 holsters based on how you treated them. Simple as that! Make your decisions, realize that that's all they are and share the info as only your experience.

  8. mjwild42324 says:

    you can take a hair drier or a hot gun like we use to do on our polished boots or dress shoes if it is kydex… not the best thing being i buy a product i expect it to work but its something you can do if you lose retention.

  9. Christian Green says:

    Just wanted to address some of the comments.
    Billy has that aiwb cranked down..
    We use a 1/4" molding block and a 1/2" neoprene spacer.. so retention goes from cant get it out, all the way to gunbucket.
    Do not.. under any circumstances use the ejection port for retention.. ever.
    I would no sooner have a customer heat up any part of the holster to "tune" it, as i would
    Have a customer take a dremel to it.
    If its fucked up.. send it back.
    We bend at 310-315.. once you get much higher, you begin driving off the volitiles that make KDX flexable. Further, you can never keep the heat where you want it with a heat gun.
    NSR,Philster, Yeti Tac, leatherneck are all legit. Companies run by folks that shoot and train hard.
    For the dude that accused jon at philster of shenanigans, post up some deets or fuck off.
    Jon has dealt honerably and honestly with me sience the beginning, and his videos are the primer for KDX benders.
    When evaluating gear, ask what the benders background is in engineering and materials science. Make sure they are shooters.
    Just because it looks like a holster.. does not mean its gtg.
    Clips… of any nature, have no business on fighting gear.period.
    Hybrids, if the gun will come out new,then once they break in will have no retention.
    Relying on the belt to provide retebtion is perhaps the stupidist thing i have heard today. What happens when a clip pops off and lets the whole deal rise up?
    Proponents of aliengear need to train more.
    We are working with some industry leaders to build a hybrid like device.. but.. we will see.
    The Incog.. if it had tuckable struts and softloops it would be gtg.
    i am willing to bet none of you reccomending them have run them in full contact gunfighting or "the fight". When someone shows up wearing an INCOG. we just wait for them to drag the whole holster and gun out.. not if.. when.. usually on day 1 right before lunch. Thats when the adreniline amps up and the student and gear really get thier stress on.
    I take a half dozen spare AIWB's to swap out, because they usually have some ego tangled up in thier gear selection..
    Having a swap out gets them back in the game mentally and physically.
    Carry gear is carry gear. FIGHTING gear is a different animal.
    We dont build gear for joe man the gun toter.
    We build gear for gunfighters.
    The root word of gunfight is fight.
    If you cant fight in your gear.. you have carry gear.
    So in closing… never buy the cheapest gear.
    Go take a multiday class,see what others are running.. see what breaks, see what fails to stay put, see which ones dump the pistol out… usually these happen in rifle classes when folks are going rollover prone or fetal.
    Thanks Billy, I did not expect this when you bought that holster… but i couldnt have you rolling around in subpar gear.. I love you brother.
    Those of you looking for info on gear, go check out the Camden Mafia Kydex Cooperative on facebook. Benders are vetted by other benders and if they make the cut they are GTG. If they start turning out shit gear, they get bounced. Everyone there is a no bullshit dude.
    Always be awesome…
    And dont let your non gunfighting friends talk you into the next whiz-bang goodie.
    Just because it looks cool, doesnt mean it is cool.

  10. RaymundoRock says:

    I've seen people who had to replace their soft loops because they wore out, too.  And, those directional snaps never seem to work like they were supposed to.

    I've tried several AIWB holsters and the incog is my favorite.  I wear a G19 in it 16 hours/day, train with it, and shoot practical courses with it, and it's always done exactly what I wanted it to do.

    Holster preference is largely subjective though so I think there are several good options depending on what you like.  The only holster maker I had a problem with was Philster.  He tried to pull a fast one on me and I had to dispute the charge through my credit card company to get my money back.  I'd stay away from Philster.

  11. R.J. L. says:

    I've been looking at these for my Glock 23. I understand that it is appendix carry inside the waistband holster that you are showing here but if I didn't find it comfortable on the appendix could you slide it over to your hip a little and still be comfortable? I noticed and like that these AIWB look a little smaller than their regular IWB holster. Good info.

  12. NoVa JB says:

    Holsters conversations tend to get as heated as conversations about religion or Mac vs PC. As someone who's spent a small fortune on holsters that end up in a box it's good to see an objective review.

    It seems like many reviews are not good because the person doing the review has gotten it for free and they don't want to be critical.

    Good timing since I've been looking for a holster for my Shield.

  13. KME says:

    Hey Billy, or any viewers, what do you think of the Raven Concealment Vanguard II as far any negatives with more wear, sweat, lint, getting into your pistol vs. a holster? I've been using one for appendix carry and find it a very comfortable and the pistol just disappears.

  14. JayJay Trescincosiete says:

    Good holster information, good job Billy, you obviously spent time talking to Chris from Green Force Tactical. I have a holster for a karambit from Bawidmann Blades with similar snaps and those snaps are excellent!

  15. Joshua Burkhead says:

    I ordered my green force tactical after talking to Christian some on fb. Been waiting a couple weeks. I imagine I've got a couple more to wait. Stoked to get it though. Good vid bro. Keep em coming.

  16. Wise Burger says:

    You should look at Phlster holsters, probably one of the best kydex company's out there that really fight with them. Extreme retention, perfect heat treatment, and just really made to FIGHT with.

  17. Phil G. says:

    Thanks Billy! I really love that you have no issue's admitting when something comes along that's better or a better way of doing something. Great Video Sir!!!

  18. blklb70 says:

    As a Concealed carry person and persons I think most of us went through a slight learning curve of what works best and what is not acceptable. Its getting slowly better but a ton of people who carry dont understand or even contemplate the whole "fighting pistol" not just " carry pistol" concept and it has flooded the market with sub-par equipment. All you can do is make choices that are as well informed as possible and learn as you go. Thanks for sharing your experience and keep it up with the great vids

  19. Tactical X-Rays says:

    there really is no better time and place to have a holster break and find an improved replacement than at tactical response's alumni weekend.
    i think i saw the greenforce on mookie's channel before. now here, it's legit!

  20. MrAwesome glock says:

    Great video. Thanks for the helpful tips. I have several that aren't good. With everybody making holsters, it's hard to find a good one till you received it in the mail.Just placed my order for a good one.

  21. Cache Site says:

    NSR Tactical Holsters – Shield and Glock 19 AIWB (I have worn both AIWB, but anywhere IWB is awesome).  50 Hours plus with both.   Belt retention CLIPS bad – get loop retention!!!

  22. M85FSLUVR says:

    Without the guard the comes up in the back, it'll only be a matter of time before you get your skin dragged between the holster and the gun as it goes in. Now, unless you're a hard body, youngin', this is something you must be concerned about. It'll only take once, trust me, before you will NEVER allow that to happen again. It hurts so bad, you'll break out into a cold sweat.

  23. William Flores says:

    To everyone saying applying heat to the crossbreed will improve retention. If you have to apply or modify a holster so that it performs the function that it's supposed to in the first place, then it's not dependable. Not in a fight for your life type of way.

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