Conceal Carry Self Defense | Close Combat Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

In this drill, Chad combines a strike/shoot on the first target, makes space and then point shoots the second target, and then acquires his sights and engages the …

46 thoughts on “Conceal Carry Self Defense | Close Combat Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. 45thpaace says:

    When I was trained we were taught not to put our hands out for two reasons. One was that we might shoot ourselves in the hand, but the other was that our hand was a handle the enemy could grab onto and start a wrestling fight. We were taught to use our elbows. Hand goes behind the head to protect the face and back of the neck.

  2. Love Sex Drugs says:

    See this why we don't get invaded, our population has more personal firearms then most other civil countries. I say civil because places that are war torn don't count on this issue they already got recked

  3. chao says:

    Tactical Rifleman what would you do in a situation where someone already has their gun pointed to you?…for example a bad guy walks up to you, points their gun at you demanding your wallet and personal items? Here you are caught off guard…how would you turn the situation around? any tips and videos would be great! thanks!

  4. Edge Creatives says:

    hmmm,…i think the time it took for you to shoot the 2 other guys is enough for them to draw their guns and shoot at you,… woudnt it be as effective if you hide behind the 1st target and shoot at the same time?

  5. Spoofer11Bang says:

    Personally, I found this drill to be very no-nonsense and intuitive. After reading some of the comments, I noticed some people were critical of the moving backward while shoot aspect. Do you think it would be possible to incorporate a deliberate trip into this drill to show, yes, it is possible to retain muzzle control and fire upward at an attacker if necessary? Would this be too dangerous to demonstrate on YouTube? I feel like going into the tactics of firing from stress positions may quiet some of the critics.

  6. MrJOSEPHMAMA says:

    Lets put the debate aside over justifying shooting an unarmed/armed person and focus on tactics.. First, distance is your friend, not contact by leaning into someones face. If you put your hand on someones face, their instinct will be to instantly attack you with whatever they have, be it a gun, knife or fist. If someone is holding you at knife point or gun point, you will be dead as you draw from your holster. Distractions are fine but there are other ways to do it besides making physical contact. All you need is a split second in diverting the bad guys attention on you and you draw as you step back and blast. They ALWAYS look around while they are doing their crimes… Of course, no situation is perfect. Just my opinion that the techniques in this video are just one option.

  7. Frank Duffy says:

    For the last exercise, it might even be safer to engage the first threat while simultaneously attempting to put it between your front and the 2 on the left and back left. In reality, those two threats could've made substantial ground on you by the time you turn to face the 3rd. putting the first between you and the 2nd and third not only puts you front facing new threats, but puts threat one in the line of fire of his buddies. Could buy you some critical time in a crisis situation.

  8. Beezer Weezer says:

    I could be wrong.. I don't feel like I'd have the time to check to make everything is clear of the muzzle in a SD situation. also, do you have a video for those of us that shoulder carry?

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