Conan O’Brien ExposesTaekwondo! PART 1

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6 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien ExposesTaekwondo! PART 1

  1. Jorge says:

    I agree with you that Taekwondo is in decadence and the federation needs to evolve, but in this video you are just a hater. That exhibition was beautiful and talented, of course those moves are not for fighting, it is an exhibition. Martial arts have an artistic part on it and is there anything wrong exploiting it. There are 2 words in the term "Martial Arts", while Taekwondo WTF is forgeting the "Martial" you are forgeting the "Art".

  2. Ethan Chaney says:

    I think that those plastic boards are actually better. There used to be this small black board that was almost impossible to break. You have to have extreme accuracy, skill, and power to penetrate and break it. Some plastic ones are easier and some harder but you can purchase them according to age and skill. So I think it can help with increasing your accuracy. Because with side kicks especially people like you use them as a pushing power kick when they can actually be used as a precise stabbing kick as well, kind of like a teep. You can push or you can stab.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you put the amount of effort you put into bashing other martial arts into your own created art and school it would be open already

  4. Daniel W says:

    In the 25 years Ive been doing martial arts Ive never heard of "special" bricks you buy from a martial arts supplier. I just looked around on google and couldn't even find any. Are you sure your instructor said that? I found fake plastic re-breakable bricks but thats it. Ive always gotten bricks from a hardware store.

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