Complete All-in-One Aikido Tutorial – 2017

Welcome to a complete all in one Aikido tutorial where we cover all subjects from Aikido traditions, basics, techniques to weapons. For your convenience this …

24 thoughts on “Complete All-in-One Aikido Tutorial – 2017

  1. Robert Forrest-Webb says:

    Having practiced Aikido for just over 60 years, I have decided to say nothing about any video that claims to show it all in a basic tutorial. the only thing that counts is time practiced with the best Japanese instructors you can find . Amongst mine were Riki Kogure San of Tokyo and Sensei Nariyama of Osaka.

  2. Monika Bailey says:

    I have been doing Philippine martial arts for 7 years now. I have always had a deep want to start training in a more tradtional style such as Aikido and so I have begun studying the art. Is there any pointers to make the transition a smooth one without saying forget what you have learned already. Also upon this path do you think that with what I know already and what I'm learning from Aikido that it could incorporate a more self defensive style of Aikido?

  3. J. Dean says:

    This is a very well-done video. If it were possible to learn full aikido through a correspondence course I would try it. The art I studied a few years back had several throws that were borrowed from aikido and/or were judo hybrids of the throws. Man, I miss formal martial art study.

  4. TORTO21 says:

    I rarely comment, but this is really watered down aikido with a lot of bad translations and descriptions of the techniques. I hate to say it, but you'd be better off learning practical uses from Lenny Sly. This is far from an "All-in-one" tutorial. if attempting to attain sho-dan with this, good luck…

    These kind of demonstrations is what makes people look at the art as bullshido.

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