Common Attack vs An Ambush | Women Self Defense

What is the difference between a Common Attack and an Ambush? Awareness. In this video I share with you some tips and techniques that can be used to …

10 thoughts on “Common Attack vs An Ambush | Women Self Defense

  1. DaZKooL says:

    I'm a black belt of shotokan karate and Wing Chun…and still I think that an ambush is so difficult to face…a smart attacker studied every move and the surroundings…everything…and probably he's got a weapon…. while you are just dreaming to get on the couch and watch your favorite program…
    kudos for Nick btw….I'm a big fun.

  2. Counter Kidnapping says:

    based on my experience. Most attacks are ambush and happen everywhere (establishment, parking lot, poor lighten area, isolated area, transitional place, crowded area, quiet place with less traffic foot and car, narrow place, and the list goes on) common attacks are rare. The perpetrators usually plan and set up something before the ambush happens.

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