39 thoughts on “Combatives- Benchmade SOCP Review

  1. argokhan7777777 says:

    Random question: Do you know if the Spartan Tools CQB dagger will fit into the SOCP sheath? I own three of these knives, but I want to upgrade to the Spartan, but I really like the benchmade sheath. Would love to put the two together.

  2. Eddie Maxwell says:

    It's funny when you watch military guys show close combat techniques they always say "do whatever I need to do". I guess it's because the only goal is to eliminate the threat. Doesn't matter how just matters that you're the one left standing.

  3. PowerMadHeadBanger says:

    One tip I have is to use a piece of paracord tied to the belt and sheath so when you pull the knife out of the sheath when the sheath is clipped to the pocket you can make sure that you will deploy the knife.

  4. seth d says:

    Great video as usual. Have you looked into say a folding karambit like the fox knives dart or the ronin tactics close quarters tango blade for a fixed blade? I have and love both, been practicing Kali for 10 years and they are by far the best self defense blades I have seen or used.

  5. Chris Waller says:

    I appreciate how you can do these product reviews non sensationalized and with a common sense approach to what ever it is. It's good to see someone who doesn't make survivalist/preppers look bad. And the added technique instruction is awesome, thank you for that. I got my Black Scout Survival hat today and it's well made and in America, I dig it.

  6. Mr.Salpling says:

    I never have a gun with me, these Knifefighting Videos are super awesome! Keep up the great work! I would love to see a Training knife fight where you dont know what your opponent does, just to show what will happen. Love your channel
    All the best, Jan

  7. JCarlos Aguirre says:

    I love knives and I live in a third world country! Perfect combination for this video! "BlackScoutSurvival", one of my favorite channels! Very useful stuff, specially when focusing in a urban atmosphere!

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