Combative Knife II



Another short tutorial on the use of the knife including stabbing angles, defining true DEFENSIVE use of the knife and further discussing other issues around …

13 thoughts on “Combative Knife II

  1. tehBar0n says:

    Just found your channel, love the philosophy. I always tell people that if they just have good boxing spacial awareness and footwork and a good jab, they could be a very effective knife fighter just using the knife to jab and controlling range… it's not rocket surgery! Just do a lot of knife based sparring and it will become apparent incredibly quickly what works and what doesn't.

  2. K Rod says:

    Anyone that wants to be in a "knife fight" is just stupid! Don't matter how good They Think they are….Great analogy ( and mental image) from 3:414:04 about " like standing inside a blender with the blades spinning."…. Unfortunately, there are "Youtube Masters" that think they could come out that blender the same way they went in…( and some will even disarm the blender, lol)

  3. Dave Butler says:

    I believe the reason why your knife clips are so popular is that people hate the fact that boxing, thai boxing etc is essential. U can't be complete just hitting pads and stuff need to pressure test with live sparring

  4. Brad Carpenter says:

    Refreshing to hear a discussion on the realities on a confrontation. Keep it coming, people need to hear this. I’ve followed you since early 2000s you changed my mindset towards living in a dangerous world. Thanks!

  5. raptorrochester says:

    Another excellent video and discussion. Do you feel you lose power with your thumb on the back? Stabbing would seem to be more problematic with your thumb like that also. Sure knife design would alleviate alot of danger of hand riding. The term defensive use of the knife is where alot get lost. The meaning is lost.

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