COMBAT WEAPONS Marc Macyoung Winning A Street Knife Fight

COMBAT WEAPONS Marc Macyoung Winning A Street Knife Fight.

13 thoughts on “COMBAT WEAPONS Marc Macyoung Winning A Street Knife Fight

  1. Joe Jacques Schulz says:

    This video can save your life… especially when you are toying with the idea to come as a tourist to Germany where nowadays whole parts of big cities are infested by knife-happy "new Germans". Some Germans take lessons from former Russian commando soldiers to learn these things… like attacking in a flow without recognizeable single moves

  2. Jeremiah Dennis says:

    I wonder if "The Animal" still feels that limiting your role in a KNIFE FIGHT or "controlling the amount of damage" is the way to go. It is sad and ridiculous but in terms of what is going to happen to you legally after you participate in a KNIFE FIGHT you are better off if your assailant does not survive. I honestly think you'd have fewer legal concerns than if you just shot the poor bag of shit.

  3. Fuzzy Butkus says:

    Ever notice a guy always telling you about fighting but never has fought for real is in a fantasy world.I would do this or I would have done that is all fantasy.Bas Rutton a real fighter thinks these internet fighters are a joke.I tend to agree.If you haven’t felt the adrenaline and fear and getting it under control.You don’t know WHAT you’ll do in a real fight.

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