COMBAT TRIAD : Self Defense Firearm Fundamentals

Fun Guns Reviews Presents: “Combat Triad”. The three fundamentals of Firearm Self Defense inspired by Jeff Cooper and Gunsite Training Center, …

26 thoughts on “COMBAT TRIAD : Self Defense Firearm Fundamentals

  1. ludwigmises says:

    Great advice. Your example of parking lot situational awareness is really important. And I've learned to be especially alert when filling up at gas stations, because one's basically a "captive audience" while standing there. Years ago a guy whipped up in a truck next to me and, with jerky facial ticks, started rattling off a sob story with a tone of desperation that hinted at aggression if he didn't get gas money. He left empty handed, but from that day forward I'm at "stage orange" anytime I stop to fill up.

  2. ph03nix34 says:

    Being someone who is of the generation you speak of i think you are grimly correct. What help can you offer me, directly, being that I know I tend to be relatively unaware by my learned nature.

  3. KEA1983 says:

    thank you for your video sir, I wonder if this mindset, while very intelligent and proactive, causes you any stress in your life and if you have any suggestions as to how to cope with potential stress caused from being on guard at all times. I'm a young man looking to enter the law enforcement field in the next few years, where this mindset is very important. thank you for your information!

  4. V904T says:

    Oh yeah a communist country thats pretty much why canada is sAFE
    I don't know if the man in the video is the person upoading but e forgot one to say one advice. If you see a white guy looking at you it's a white or yellow but if it's a black or Hispanic or any other race it's an immediate orange.

  5. Red Proton says:

    Yup, I am the guy everyone labels as paranoid. Lol. I am always in code yellow, & orange isn't too far away. But, I am nicknamed "the man of all situations," because I am prepared.

  6. Ram Skirata says:

    that is such a great video, especially the second half of it. I really appriciate that.
    Thanks a lot.
    I actually started to talk to my family about familiar things but unfortunatly I could not make them see, that even if its not expected and the chances that something may occure are low, there is still the possibility and you may have to think about it 🙁

  7. Wabaanimkii says:

    last week I had a situation where I was confronted by two people who were acting shady while I was leaving wal-mart heading towards my car. Luckily I live in michigan so I'm able to carry a knife. They said "hey those are some nice headphones" I said thanks. a guy than said "i want them" I said he can't have them, he said I'll guess I'll just take them, I said I suppose youll want my wallet too. "yup"

    I pulled my K-bar out "what about this, where do you want me to stick it" problem solved!

  8. texaspreper62 says:

    very nice video,this is very important. from choosing your weapon and being able see ahead a possible threat.and having a gun that operate properly. Or what to do if your weapon malfunctions.i just hope when the threat arises ill remember.

  9. Dagwood says:

    All about SA ….Situation Awareness. The perception of environmental elements with respect to time and/or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status after some variable has changed,

  10. ninja5672 says:

    The mechanical metaphor:
    white=sitting at the light in neutral not paying attention.
    yellow=sitting at the light in gear with clutch engaged watching the light
    orange=in gear, clutch engaged, but started revving the engine(your brain) slightly.
    red=light turns green you disengage the clutch and accelerate.

    Just a different explanation of how I understood it. Thanks Sootch00

  11. Pierce Martens says:

    Great video, I often shop at Walmarts later at night simply because my schedual dictates that. One of the deterents I use to avoid possible confrontations is to fake a phone call. No robber wants to rob somebody on their phone.

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