Combat TFS: Knife Defense against Wall 1

Demonstrating one way to protect yourself from a knife being held up to you as you are being pinned up against another surface. A more stereotypical mugging …

2 thoughts on “Combat TFS: Knife Defense against Wall 1

  1. Mike Reis says:

    @PR1kenpo I say do whatever works for you. I've had this actual scenario play out in my life and this worked pretty well, seeing that I'm not dead and all. I also realize that turning away from that threat could be a hinderance. His holding hand is nothing, he just gave up a one of his hands. If you explode into this with safety gear on, you'll see it's simple and effective. There are lots of things you can think of to do. Do what works for you if you're comfortable you'll do it. Thanks!

  2. Kenpo Geek says:

    The eye pokes can be preceded by a vertical forearm strike in to the attackers left arm. This sets up the sequential flow of palm heel to the face then the poke,rake,slice to the eyes. Collapsing both of his arms will cancel his ability to stab your hand with his natural reaction to your poke.
    Turning in toward the sharp thing is kinda dangerous right?

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