Here it is! The first prototype of my new knife design, The C.U.M.A. BATTLE CLEAVER. Just thought I’d share it with you. Like our Page ON FACEBOOK HERE: …

16 thoughts on “COMBAT READY KNIVES C.U.M.A. BATTLE CLEAVER with Waysun Johnny Tsai

  1. WaysunJohnnyTsai says:

    Yeah, 5 of those videos are from the same kids batoning through 5 foot logs and 8" trees๏ปฟ with knots…yet it clears the wood just fine..IDK…there is a warranty on the knives. If they were $250.00 from TOPS people would still complain…

  2. reignick1133 says:

    From how you present yourself to how you dealt with the "haterade" down to the knife design , you just won a subscriber and a customer in me.

    Loving the design hoping this Comment sees you well ,best wishes to you and yours!

  3. davematic1 says:

    Can't wait to get one.
    You remind me of my Sifu,Rich Carrion.He's mainly a JKD instructer but has applied the methodology towards grappling. You have the same "Borrow from all but bound by none" mentality .

  4. davematic1 says:

    Cool looking blade. I wouldn't mind putting it through some paces and teaming it up against some other blades. I'd like to know where i can get my hands on one,love to review it on my channel!

  5. Nestor Negron-Diaz says:

    This is great. Being from Puerto Rico, I can recall a lot of machete modifications made of worn out or cracked machetes, that people use to cut right in half. Of course, machetes are a lot thinner, but man, they did got a nice sharp edge.

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