Combat Lab Knife Defence

This is class footage from a drill we were working aiming to increase the speed of knife attacks the student had to deal with and their complexity using the …

3 thoughts on “Combat Lab Knife Defence

  1. Aryeh Katan says:

    good training to have conciousness of real knife fight…take a agressive friend and give him just a pencil marker and wear a tight t shirt white…then fight full speed.
    you ll see how many times your tshirt arms or legs got marked with the pecnil marker…its scary.

  2. Aryeh Katan says:

    as my teacher of systema told me in paris…in knife fight even if you re trained as hell there are 4 rules.
    you will get cut! thing is to raise chances to survive and end the fight…without dying. its wrst possibel scenario to defend against a crazy angry dude full of arenaline who rushes on you…even sony ouzikas ex spetznats says better run if yu can…there are not absolute techniques to defend agaisnt knives

  3. Tyler Lalonde says:

    That was bad, that guy should have been more aggressive and for more then just attack once. Even when he's trying to pull back and stab at the gut multiple times he fails because he's being too soft.

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