23 thoughts on “combat knife skills

  1. Elnarior says:

    Awesome man!I'm learning how to use a knife now but not one knife but 2 knives likes you but the problem is i don't know many moves to use in a knive fight.I have done only Tae-Kwon-Do and well i don't think tae-kwon-do and knife goes together :P.How many weeks/months/years did it take for you to do that ?

  2. J Boyd says:

    hey when you're knifing someone to death, don't forget that flipping your knife really scares them.. you should flip your knife a lot more.. especially zombies… zombies hate flipping knives. you should post some tutorial videos!

  3. Alexander Morris says:

    no actually the skills aren't SO bad…but the video is kinda gay man…i mean…the music, the cat in the background, the tanktop, the mom's room, the hair and stuff just suggests that you still have to grow a bit…but it's not bad 😉 keep practicing and you'll grow better (Y) p.s. smile a bit and don't take this as an offensive comment 😉

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