3 thoughts on “Combat knife fighting . Master of skill King of terror !

  1. shayan baig says:

    You fucking suck, you're not a fighter or an expert. There's a stain on your shirt, the first rule of martial arts is self discipline which you have 0 of. Message me if you want to know what terror really looks like.

  2. mitchell c says:

    First thing I was taught about fighting someone welding knife while unarmed was if you can run… Run other wise take your shirt off, sweater if you have one and wrap it around one of your arms. Yell as loud as you can as many times as you can and with the arm you have wrapped try and take the blade. Not easily done but if you practise with someone you trust taking a knife then you chances are better. Like you said… Rather be ran over by a steam roller then get into a knife fight.

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