Combat knife fighting : Best way to hold a bayonet ?

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2 thoughts on “Combat knife fighting : Best way to hold a bayonet ?

  1. Luftetari Ilir says:

    Most of the time a bayonet is hold with the thumb on the middle of the guard or quillion. Rest the thumb on the flat! That is how they used to hold bayonets back in ww2/1 but also thats generaly the way you are supposed to hold the bayonet! But obviously you can hold it however you want! Its a knife so doesnt really make the greatest difference.

  2. Marc Ariss says:

    LOL, I remember breaking a few of these bayonets, sand bags are the bane of this bayonet…..I have also broken my hand guards on my C7 while using it on the lug….just a note on fighting, off hand, backhand grip, dominant arm and hand used as shield/grabber…expect to get that arm cut if it's a real knife fight.

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