Combat Knife Camo Tips! | Melee Dark Matter Guide! Ep. 6

Welcome to Dark Matter Guides in Black Ops 3. In this series I’ll being sharing tips and techniques to help you earn all of the camos for the guns within a specific …

47 thoughts on “Combat Knife Camo Tips! | Melee Dark Matter Guide! Ep. 6

  1. Keerigan Black says:

    You know I find so frustrating ? Its that when I went for the 200 kills I got 5 bloodthirsties and 1 merciless, but now that I acctually have to get the bloodthirsties, I cant get them !

  2. sccrdude22 says:

    I do exactly what you say but I constantly get screwed over by the awful melee mechanics in the game.
    Edit: I got two of the bloodthirsties done using your method, then I decided to adopt a more run and gun method with the knife and I went on a 15 killstreak to complete the challenge. The best map is probably gauntlet because it’s so big. It allows you to avoid enemies and pick them off

  3. seema Pandey says:

    I got all the camos on the combat knife, but I didn't get the dark matter camo. Also, if I had the prizefighter and I got the all the camos on that to, but I still didn't get the dark matter camo.

  4. wul says:

    Quick question, to get all secondaries gold, which melee weapon do you need to get gold? I know combat knife you need to, but how about prizefighters?

  5. NotNoahGamez says:

    Okey I'm confused was there an update or something because I got the gold unlocked and it didn't unlock anything else for my knife I don't understand it said unlock gold for all secondaries help me please!

  6. Gustavo says:

    Ur the best in giving the dark matter guide , im listen all ur advice and i have unlocked the shotguns/ar/launchers .now im trying the snipers lol

  7. TheTobuscusFan446 says:

    So let me get this straight… I have no diamond weapons, gold knife and I just got the carver…. If I get the carver gold it won't count as dark matter because I have no other diamonds? I'm confused please help

  8. MPennce Mpennce says:

    Why dont you do melee weapon stat comparisons?? because i don't believe there the same as a skin over combat knife. They are different from each other i have almost all melee weapons and they seem different but the same in certain ways which makes them seem the same as each but there really not.

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