31 thoughts on “Combat: “Kill Or Be Killed” 1943 War Department World War II US Army Training Film 10min

  1. William Brennan says:

    Films like these encourage atrocities. In many of these cases, the enemy soldier could have been taken alive, which is more advantageous militarily as well because they can provide intelligence, as well as be made to work, the latter of which frees up more people for war production or combat.

  2. mam162 says:

    The big difference between then and now was the rise of mass media and communications. Every atrocity, every overzealous soldier, every killed civilian gets put front and center on international news. There's a reason this video was restricted–this kind of ugly stuff was considered too harsh for civilians to see. It can't be hidden anymore. That's why the U.S. now bends over backwards to avoid civilian casualties and weapons like flamethrowers (one of the tools recommended in this video) have fallen out of use for humanitarian reasons. Sadly, that doesn't deter terrorists like ISIS, who commit vile atrocities without remorse.

  3. Deaf Smith says:

    Note gang… Alvin York of WW1 fame didn't use hand-to-hand combat. When his 1917 Enfield ran low of ammo he used his .45 to kill seven charging Germans. I love H2H training but the .45 is a better idea.

  4. Hardtop Harry says:

    +kakarot cabage Can you please be more specific: You say that America were aiding the Zionist Jews in WWII. Can you give us a country, or a state that was assisting the Zionist movement and who received American help? Perhaps you can name an agency, an organisation government or private? A church? (other than a synagogue of course :-)) or perhaps you are just a snotty little bigot who doesn't know what he is talking about.

  5. marshall886 says:

    I know there is a different between teaching someone to fire a gun and march around and look like the part of a soldier, and be able to kill. I want someone to tell me what the army does to teach people to shoot with the intent of killing what they are firing at?

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