Combat Karambit Level 2 Techniques

Level 2 Training: This vedio is where you learn how to use your skills and applications against an aggressive attack. The techniques that you will learn cover a …

4 thoughts on “Combat Karambit Level 2 Techniques

  1. paraord1 says:

    from good to great Sir. YOu are the first that has shown what you would need to do. Not complicated with fancy twirls that are useless. I reacted before i saw the complete Vid . My Bad.

  2. paraord1 says:

    Good vids, but unfortunitly, a bad guy is not going to play patty cake patty cake, with you. 9.9 % you will not even know when he cuts you. The stances you show, will be worthless.
    You fight the way you train, and you should train the way you would fight. All the so called knife Xperts plants the wrong info and technics in their students head. The flow systems they teach is a fantasy in a real life fight. Ive been in three knife fights and your right on you will be cut.
    Good instuctions.

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