Combat Jujitsu Techniques : Combat Jujitsu: Throat Strike

Combat jujitsu throat strikes should only be used in true self-defense. Learn to do a throat strike combat jujitsu technique in a street fight in this free video on …

34 thoughts on “Combat Jujitsu Techniques : Combat Jujitsu: Throat Strike

  1. IceCold11235 says:

    What imaginary world are you living in where throat strikes dont work??? You do realize people cant even scratch you if they cant breathe, and even a light srike like this will do exactly that!

  2. CrazySicily says:

    lol realy?? how many ppl do u know who would expect to get a hard quick shot in the throat in a street fight? and actualy be in fighting condition afterwards..i dont care if ur 6'6 and 300lbs of muscle if u get hit in the throat hit will stop u. maybe even kill u if hit hard enough, cause there is no muscle on the adams apple…so sorry but u dont know wtf ur talkin about.

  3. 44excalibur says:

    Of course hitting yourself in any way won't seem effective because you're not working with leverage. How often do people knock themselves out with a puch? Hitting someone in the throat with either the open palm or the knife hand will do damage. And you don't hit with the web of the hand, you hit with the metacarpophalangeal joint.

  4. Andhaira says:

    But that's the thing, I hit myself with the web of my hand it doesn't seem like it would do much of anything save piss off your target, even done full force with proper technique. IMO the Spear Hand to the throat or Knife Hand (Shoto Garai) to the throat would be much more effective.

  5. ChamorruWarrior says:

    Oh yeah, totally. I just mean like, we know pretty much every single way the human body can produce a force in the form of an attack or defense. There's only so many ways our body bends and moves and physics only has so many rules. We've figured out everything from a straight punch to a jump 540 reverse hook kick lol People are crazy haha

  6. 44excalibur says:

    Well, there's a lot of people who will like to say they know what works and what doesn't, and then someone does something that surprises someone and says, "I never thought I'd see that work." I think it's just important to develop the basics and then let each individual fighter find what they like and what works best for them.

  7. ChamorruWarrior says:

    Well it is sometimes taught to the police or body guards here in the US. But yeah our military has it's own deal when it comes to hand to hand fighting. But it's safe to say it's fairly close to what Krav Maga looks like, because lets face it. People have been fighting since people existed 200,000 years ago. It is now 2012 and every culture on earth has come together and shared our knowledge etc. We know what works and what doesn't in combat at this point lol

  8. 44excalibur says:

    If you look on every single martial arts and hand-to-hand combat vid ever made from the beginning of video until now, and propably until the end of time, there's always going to be a comment from someone who'll say, "Hmm, honestly this really doesn't seem like it would work." In the end, if it works when it matters then that's all that's important.

  9. Andhaira says:

    Hmm, honestly this really doesn't seem like it would work. I mean, even if you strike hard using the web of the hand, all it would do is jerk the opponents head backwards. He would not be hurt, or even stunned. Just really pissed off. Much better to just chop the side of his neck and knock him out.

  10. ChamorruWarrior says:

    Taekwondo is a sport, "Jujitsu" now days can either be sport Brazilian JiuJiutsu or Japanese Jujitsu. If you want the ability to defend yourself effectively and learn how to use your body for purely self defense and want to be able to use the things you learn soon and now. Do Krav Maga. If you want to dedicate your time and efforts to an art form, better yourself mentally, physically and spiritually and learn to fight, do stuff like Taekwondo and Jujitsu. If you JUST want self defense, Krav Maga

  11. rafael santos says:

    @R4LAXED if ur thinking about the well being of someone that is trying to hurt u in the street u gonna end up hurt, never underestimate the person in front of u,especialy with bad intentions.

  12. Ian Fellowes-Gordon says:

    @teamdq1 Couldn't agree more!

    I'm sick of the 'Ju Jitsu' deomonstrations where some 18 year white belt skips up to his 9th Dan Black Belt
    'Konichiwa Ryu Go Ken Dojo' instructor and throws a single weedy punch that wouldn't knock out my granny.

    Get some 6ft 5 Ex Marine to grab you Full On- then you'll see that you CAN'T do all these flowery techniques.
    You need a strike – and you need to able to Run.

  13. Justin Lewis says:

    Question I was told by a friend that their is a what is considered an Art Of Destruction called Hwango or something within that range is Martial Art that is said to be a Mind/Spiritual that can be used to tear down a human body through joints,and I heard it is also banned in the U.S. but is said to commonly be used by Navy Seals,and I am little ignorant about this Art it,so can anybody help?

    And is this Combat Ju Jitsu the same thing with a different terminology?.

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