COMBAT HAPKIDO: Standup, Knife, and Ground Techniques

More examples of a random application drill. Varying the situations, the amount of energy being placed into it as well as angles and directions make complicated …

15 thoughts on “COMBAT HAPKIDO: Standup, Knife, and Ground Techniques

  1. Lydia Dale says:

    This is fantastic. I am testing for my orange belt this Friday. We haven't gotten to knife defenses in my class yet, but thankful I haven't been assaulted with a knife only with the choke hold–which I have now been taught to get out of. The best part about Combat Hapkido is that it really works. You should do a video just on various ways of getting out of choke holds–this was awesome!

  2. Thomas Locke says:

    In my experience, there isn't any one "style" that "beats" another. The only measurable gradient is in the superiority of practitioners and/or instructors in any given system, method, way, style, etc… Know what you seek and find those who sharpen you toward that goal.
    Best of luck in your training, sir.
    Thomas Locke

  3. Thomas Locke says:

    Steve did a pretty good job on that movement, but obviously nothing is a guarantee in the messiness of real life, sir. Tough angle and at speed it hard to tell, but I can assure you that he know his stuff. He's been assaulted by a knife before and the training paid off.

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