Combat Aikido Disarms



Sensei Gordon Muller demonstrates some combat disarming techniques. For demonstration information e-mail

40 thoughts on “Combat Aikido Disarms

  1. Raymond Joseph David says:

    Aikido is the best Martial Art for cops especially disarming and handcuffing. I'm from the Philippines we have our version of Combat Aikido the name is TAPONDO. The word Tapondo came from Filipino dialects (Tagalog and ilonggo) Tapon(throw) and Pondo(lock). It is now recognized as FMA (Filipino Martial Art).

  2. TimA340 says:

    Gordon I have been doing MA for 43 years JJ which as you know is the grandfather of Aikido and teaching 33 of those years. After observing your video I will say anyone learning from you can not only be satisfied in knowing they are getting their money's worth, but have an excellent chance of getting out of a jam if the situation arises, with a high degree of success, utilizing your training.Not often I say these things about many teachers out there. But Very Well Done Sensei God Bless.OOSU

  3. bushin64 says:

    @tvrulesnation I think your comment is sad. You gave up the fight before it even began. If they have not killed you when they ask for your wallet …. you have a chance. Knowing something is better than nothing.

  4. Abyssal Hope says:

    @FunkeyChunkeyMonkey0 Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ It's good to hear it actually works. I took my first lesson there last monday in Ju-Jitsu. It's really intense, and the wrist locks HURT REAL BAD.

  5. ZodiacProd says:

    he growls like a bear, his kiai will be enough to subdue an attacker ๐Ÿ™‚ I don't think his Uke's last long, good hard training, excellent skill. My only concern is that in some of the handgun disarms he immediately returns the gun to his attacker after the disarm. In a real situation where muscle memory kicks in form training you will react like you train, thus giving the gun back, it has happened in real life and it is not a joke.

  6. Donald Oberloh says:

    After training in Aikido for over 40 years I have seen many so called combat aikido that was nothing more than JuJutsu. This however impressed me. This instructor has distilled the obviously dilluted techniques of modern day Aikido as taught by the Aikikai and gotten back to its combat oriented past before the war.

  7. danbau08 says:

    This is pretty good.Although I'm not a practitioner Its good to see Aikido represented this way.I find its knee jerk detractors almost always, just that. I've always admired it.Its actually very direct with subtle shifts in angles and timing,and I think this is the way it was originally practiced.The dancing overly soft practices came into existence I think when Ueshiba was older and began to enjoy the practice for its own sake.MacEwan is really good as is the Croation guy,Cant remember his name

  8. vietscouty says:

    This is good. I would like to thank you for these vids, since I'm able to learn it very quickly by watching. I've taken Aikido when I was young, by remembering the basics, the advance techniques can be learned. I'll be combining with other techniques I've learn through other schools. Much thanks.

  9. You gotta stay relaxed says:

    the thing is, in any aikido video, u see the attacker running towards the aikidoka, that makes it easy for him to just move outta the way, grab his arm, and throw him to the ground! u never see the attacker standing still and trying to lets say, punch, the aikidoka!

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