1. PIPEBITE says:

    I have a friend who is an embalmer and has seen several corpses of would be attackers who confronted a serrated blade. That professional insight has provided him with a very deep respect for serrated knives as a self-defense weapon.

  2. Ghost1321 says:

    @Taud Actually, serrations cut quite well through fibrous materials, better than a plain edge if both are equally sharp and made by a reputable knife manufacturer.
    It's personal preference, but I would much prefer the Spyderco Civilian over a stiletto knife. Stilettos are very good for stabbing, but not slashing. To stab you need to get very close to your attacker, where as to slash you can have your body away from the attacker and slash from a distance.

  3. TheBgcheez says:

    Beautiful knife! use your thumbnail like your flipping a coin as this will give you full control over deploying your blade on a Spyderco. I see so many people here oiling and losing the hex screw to make their blade deploy faster when all they had to do is what I said above.

  4. Robert Blanck says:

    civilians are serrated because if you hit someone with it(which you would most arguably do if attacked and defended with this weapon; one of the only knives I would call such), it will cut more efficiently than a plain edge; especially through clothing(which people tend to wear). Not much else to say about this knife. That is the scenario for which it was born. I love that disclaimer. It should be on all their knives. "If you cut wonderboard, your knife will not be covered under warranty".

  5. Ghost1321 says:

    regardless of how well the serrations are and how finely they slice, they still rip more than a plain edge and that is why it is more suitable for a self defense knife

  6. turbo311 says:

    Not really. Spyderco's serrations cut very well, not just rip. You can still stitch the wound. The serrations just make the slashing through flesh easier. Ask Spyderco if you don't believe me.

  7. Ghost1321 says:

    what makes a serrated blade better for defensive purposes is that if you ever need to attack someone you can rip them open and cause more harm to them, and remember a bad rip cannot be stitched, however a scalpel sharp slice can be mended with a butterfly bandage
    so the serrated knife does more harm and will hopefully force the attacker to quit harming you quicker than a plain edge

  8. TheWitnesserer says:

    Gotta love that Cold Steel, eh? Personally, I dunno which one I like to carry around, the Vaquero Grande or the Ti-Lite 6. At some point, I carried both, but I think that was a bit overkill.

  9. CSharp says:

    Unfortunately, that knife would most likely be considered where I live (southeast U.S.) based on the vague wording of my state's knife laws, since its blade profile screams self-defense. There are a few other spyderco knives I'd love to check out, though.

  10. thegearhead says:

    "Those who know nothing quickly tell it."

    Calimero, you are a moronic tit. This knife is quite possibly the ultimate in self defense. Remove your euro-head from your euro-ass, research the knife, and maybe (but doubtful) you won't sound like such a fool next time.

    Google it, read and learn. this knife is designed to quite possibly save your life.

    Here in the USA, it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Don't be a professional victim…

  11. Calimero1232 says:

    I like spyderco, but sorry quys, this one is useless overpriced piece of crap. And most funny is its name. Gentleman should carry some nice useful knife, if he is saying he is a "civilian". If You disembowel someone with this monster You will never get out of prison (at least here in EU). Fairbairn Sykes Commando is more "civilian" than this 🙂 (and more efficient in combat for sure)

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