Colonel Blades Low Vz Knife – Part 2: Fighting

We continue our review on the Colonel Blades Low Vz by seeing how well it carries, deploys, and moves. We had edged weapon specialist Tim Anderson of …

12 thoughts on “Colonel Blades Low Vz Knife – Part 2: Fighting

  1. ElJefe45acp says:

    Use velcro attach it to a small push knifes sheath then place velcro on the inside of your shirt at the nape of your neck. So if you end up on your back go into the head guard with your arms and elbows covering your face grab your push knife attack the face and neck of your opponent

  2. LordAinte says:

    Hi, could you please give me the name or link where I can see the silver middle knife from your thumbnail picture ? If I´m not blind it´s not in video, nor on your website and I´m very curious about this knife !

  3. cfcGreg D says:

    As one who trains as a CCW holder, the only differential is the trigger finger. On the firearm, the draw muscle memory is to NOT put the trigger finger on the trigger. On the blade, it teaches to draw WITH. the trigger finger on the “trigger. It is for this reason the blade draw and punching might be better from the weak side vs the dominant hand with CCW trained people. Your thoughts?

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