Cold War Zombies: The KNIFE Pack-A-Punched.. is GOD TIER!



Welcome back to my new series where I will be Pack-A-Punching every gun in Cold War Zombies and upgrading the guns to max tier, showcasing their full …

26 thoughts on “Cold War Zombies: The KNIFE Pack-A-Punched.. is GOD TIER!

  1. AJK says:

    When I fully packed the knife I was one hitting zombies at around round 25. If I pack a punch a gun does it also pack the knife if you have the melee upgrade on too?

  2. Weywer says:

    This guyd a bitch, little boys be aware to who you look up!!! No soul in this one. Like any other streamer this days sadly…

    I mean i don't think hes a bad person, just think this and what many others are doin is very very harnfull for mental health

    Kids are supposed to play outside

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