45 thoughts on “Cold Steel’s Lynn Thompson on Knife Fighting part 1

  1. Sonny Gunz says:

    September 1,2017!! No more blade length, style or double edge limits in Texas. We can finally match the criminals LEAGALLY!!! I can finally carry my Bowie.

    If you're in your legal right (fear for your life) to use deadly force, then you use everything you got and don't hold back till you're safe. Just remember that you are the good guy, so keep it that way.

  2. get fucked says:

    Love this guy. Wish people would stop talking shit he's an older gentleman of course he's out of breath. He's doing a demonstration he's not a martial arts instructor. Why do so many people make fun of his weight. The man is a success he can do whatever he wants are u as rich n successful? Does ur company make some of the best knifes on the planet ? No so stfu.

  3. Roger Williams says:

    I was impressed that he was for using grace for someone if it wasn't obviously life or death.  A knife is a terrible weapon and you will go to prison unless it was totally warranted to stab someone…and you might anyway.  Good demo.

  4. NestingSpider says:

    I believe you can stab or cut someone trying to punch you…why not? Why is it cowardly if I didn't AGREE to the fight in the first place? Have you seen videos on here showing a street fight??? One guy gets knocked out…then the winner and/or his friends proceed to kick the downed man in the head over and over again. No weapons involved, but repeated kicks to your unconscious head are terribly life-threatening. I'm stabbing anyone every time, simply because I don't know nor can trust that if I lose the fist fight, my assailant will go, "Ok, he's down now…I win." and walk away…there's no guarantee he'll stop beating you even after your unconscious. Defend every physical encounter/fight like your life is on the line…cuz it most likely is.

  5. R Will says:

    Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel make dependable everyman knives. I greatly appreciate their commitment to their customers. I've used Cold Steel to put food on the table and a myriad of other tasks around my property. They're solid. I always have one in my pocket. Ready for any chore that comes along. Thanks Cold Steel, from the Lonestar State.

  6. Matthew Perry says:

    This explains why I always thought Cold Steel knives were impractical for edc. There not designed for everyday task. They're mainly designed for defensive purposes. Their knives still could use better steel and the fit & finish needs to improve.
    IMO, if you're gonna use a knife for self-defense. Don't unless your life is in extreme danger. Deploying a knife in a fight will be considered deadly force. Whether you were just trying to make "small cuts" to scare off the attacker, or not. Try pepper spray, or stun guns instead. Use a firearm in a life, or death situation. If your determined to carry a knife for defense. Then carry a fix blade.

  7. dandandatreeman says:

    I hope no one forces me to defend myself of my family. If I do have to I have the tools to do so. I like more not to be seen. The first rule to self defense is to not get into a situation to have to fight. Great video guys. Love to watch all of them.

  8. Busan_Sanai says:

    having 4 or 5 inch blades are so useful in combat… but in places that regulate small blades (such as Toronto, Canada.. from what i learnt online, maximum is 3.0 inch), might as well, run like hell… you'll risk more injury to yourself than you inflict on the attacker (depends on attacker of course). only time i used my knife is to break open a car and cut the seatbelt to get the toddler out.

  9. Blair Smith says:

    that's unfortunate man. i suppose here in australia it's more of a cultural thing not to carry weapons. guns aren't banned. not sure why people think they are. most people just don't want them or think they need them so generally nobody has them. farmers, hunting enthusiasts, target shooters are pretty much the only people who own guns in this country

  10. Joe Cannabyte says:

    We're pretty violent here, yeah. But I carry my knife on me as an all purpose tool, and I was stabbed and assaulted in 2011. I don't want to have that happen again if I can help it. And yes, carrying a knife does act as a deterrent. My position on goes (As a liberal and a gun owner) is starting to change, though. I've sold most of my collection off.

  11. Joe Cannabyte says:

    That's not true. Here in the U.S we have the highest rate of violent crime among all 1st world countries. We have an insanely high amount of mass shootings. Australia had a mass shooting 15 years ago, they banned guns. Not one single mass shooting since.

    (Take a note that I am a gun-owner, from my pic,before you attack me like you have been doing to everyone who disagrees with you)

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