Cold Steel Warrior’s Edge Knife Fighting Training DVD Collection from KnifeCenter

As many of you know, I am not enamored with the oft repeated saying: “If you get in a knife fight, expect to be cut.” The reason is that this saying condemns even …

9 thoughts on “Cold Steel Warrior’s Edge Knife Fighting Training DVD Collection from KnifeCenter

  1. Konrach says:

    I know your comment was made awhile ago, but I wanted to respond to the sharpie comment. They use them so they can tell where a real knife would've contacted the person it was used against.

  2. Ed says:

    That’s about 28 dollars more than what I think it’s worth. The problem I have with it is he is training to do one of the rarest things on earth. A knife on knife duel with large blades. You could spend the same amount of money learning how to duel with a tiger; you have about the same chances to fight one on one with a Bengal tiger.

  3. redcellable says:

    You're like musashi of knife fighting and I own a double edge imperial katana your company built!! Can't carry It in public but in the home if you cant own a gun,this is the next best thing.Devastating!! One slice you're Dead! Love your Vids..

  4. rocketfireman says:

    You want to know how a knife will go spar with only shorts and shoes on and use sharpies as your knives. Many slices on both sides. I believe in a real knife it would be like a dog fight bloody and messy. i think this videos will give you an edge.

  5. Rehan Harmse says:

    I'm a knifer, quite good also and it is true….your chances to be cut or even worse, killed in a knife fight is 80-100%. Nice video, but there are things you just don't do, one of them…never have both feet off the ground and you do it quite alot. I'm really not criticizing, just helping…

  6. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    Hi there

    I have just visited your website that you have in the description, Sir. I did however not find this product. Could you please help me out where to find it ?

    From what I can tell from the promo clip I would very much like to buy it.

    Thanks in advance.
    have a good day

  7. punyo4u says:

    I know alot of people hate Lynn, but they need to get over it. I own the 3 part DVD set, and i can say firsthand that the information shown in these videos is WELL WORTH the price. Basic and realistic training methods and drills are a GREAT starting point for any new knife fighter! Awsome set if you actually want to train.

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