17 thoughts on “Cold Steel Warcraft Tantos Extreme Testing in Action

  1. Isn Heul says:

    i think this is the best production combat blade at this moment. The overall design, the handle, the strong geometry, the quality of the steel, the sheath. I really dont know what you can improve on this knife.

  2. Might Is Right says:

    This is one of my favorite blades. I waited a long time to buy one because it is a bit pricey but once i pulled it from its sheath i knew i had something good. It feels amazing and its really sharp. Its also heavy enough to chop like a machete and light enough to swing full speed.

  3. JeepJeep234 says:

    I think you guys should test the force it takes to snap the handle sideways, it will hold the car up with the lateral force applied to the tang because the thickness of the steel laterally is actually extremely thick, it longitudinal thickness is just thick enough to keep it from twisting under the lateral force. That it cool but still, alot of knives could do that in the same position.

  4. oXObsidianXo says:

    This is an absolute testament to Crucibles CPM 3-V steel. I mean, beyond blade shape, this knife is practically produced by Crucible (Less the handle material). 

    Not bashing Cold Steel, they make great knives 

  5. juggaloaxeattack1990 says:

    dont know who that dude is with the long blonde hair but he looks absoluletly rediculous. so sick of seeing him in cold steel videos. tired of seeing that bald dude thats always shaddow fighting. great products though, no complaints on that end

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