Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto vs Recon Tanto Knife Comparison | OsoGrandeKnives

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29 thoughts on “Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto vs Recon Tanto Knife Comparison | OsoGrandeKnives

  1. SpaS says:

    3 16ths of an inch is 5mm, so the thickness is the same. Thanks for great vid. awesome knives, will get the san mai version of the recon tanto or the warcraft.

  2. Oso Grande says:

    I am really pleased with the direction Cold Steel has taken with the Warcraft Tanto, which I understand is the first knife to be released in their "Warcraft Series". Looking forward to more of this series in the near future 😉

  3. mike65 says:

    I have 3 Recon Tanto in CarbonV but, while it is an excellent combat knife( a real combat knife not a mall ninja knife as the vast majority), the WC Tanto is on another planet maybe another galaxy. Steel is better, handle is much better, shape is similar but better, it is more manouvrable for rapid change of hand and position. I consider it an " istant classic"!!!

  4. Oso Grande says:

    Sorry to say but the Recon Tanto is made with AUS8 stainless steel. Although D2 is better (a tool steel) Cold Steel does not use it. D2 is more expensive than AUS8 so they most likely are lying about the steel which is something I wouldn't put past criminals who counterfeit knives.

  5. DRED ATOR says:

    When giving the blade thickness, give them both in the same format ie, both in tenths of an inch or both in millimetres. Because by saying one's 3 tenths and one's 5 mil doesn't give us any perspective – I'm gonna have to get my rule out now and physically check which is thicker. Just sayin'

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