Cold Steel Ti-Lite Folding Knives Available at KnifeCenter



Ti-Lite® tactical folders evoke the sleek speed and rebellious lines of the classic 1950’s-styled switchblade. Unlike most switchblades …

16 thoughts on “Cold Steel Ti-Lite Folding Knives Available at KnifeCenter

  1. 1625 2a5 says:

    콜드스틸 잔인한 넘들임 현대식 기술로 나기나타를 만들어 돼지 3마리를 걸아놓로 한칼에 전부 동강냄 그런데모가 필요할까? 임진왜란때 왜넘이 생각남

  2. Fred Kenpo says:

    Nice demonstration. However, I bought a 6-inch blade version. There's no way you can snap it open catching it on the quillian. The qullian is too stiff. Nor can you just press the lock to release. Again too stiff. You can get it almost switchblade fast, by pushing the thumb lock and the right wrist motion. But until your thumb gets calused, it will be painful. The other way is to flip it open with your non-dominant hand and instantly go en garde. The ones they demonstrated aren't the ones you get. UPDATE: I subsequently bought another one and after practice i could wave it out. The practice cost me two pockets, as the quillian is meant to cut, but you can do it. I can do it with about 90% reliability, which means it wouldn't be good for an actual combat situation. However, you could go right to the "en garde" approach or the 'push and flip' method. The first one, bought through Amazon, is still still, but useable.

  3. trap3400 says:

    and this is why i dont get jumped by mexicans no more lol but seriously if u are going to get a narrow blade stiletto folder why not make it auto or spring assist? there is plenty which are strong enough, lock backs, for same price.

  4. CCTV Videos says:

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