Cold Steel – Throwing Knives



There are a bewildering number of throwing knives on the market today. Many seem to be made out of cheap steel that bends, chips and rust, or worse …

35 thoughts on “Cold Steel – Throwing Knives

  1. Kevin O'Mahoney says:

    Brilliant demonstration. Thank you. Why does Lynn wear black all the time? Is he secretly training to become a ninja? Is he behind me right now, reading this over my shoulder? Let me check jaskdfl;au dfgiao;dlfgjnak

  2. G0atfather says:

    I actually have an update. I got my Mini Flight Sport today. I was throwing it at a soft wooden target and the tip bends. First day of having it and the tip bent. Really? I expected so much better. I'd like to reiterate that this was soft wood. Very soft and your knife bent on the first day.

  3. G0atfather says:

    I have a story to tell since I know people here (I hope) know how bad I am for buying these knives I am about to mention. So back in December I bought three throwing knives from a store. (75 dollars in all, it was a set) they were stainless steel but looked strong (now i know stainless steel is bad) I've been throwing them for a few months and one by one they break. I contribute this to me throwing them on hard wooden surfaces and start throwing on a foam target just to be safe. My last knife I decide to clean with oil and I get it really nice and shiney. third throw that day I hit my fence and the tip snaps off. then ext day I bought the Mini flight sport. It's supposed to be here by Friday so I am excited.

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