Cold Steel Tanto Series (Fixed Blade Knives)

There isnt a person working in the knife industry today that knows more about the Tanto than Cold Steel does. It was, after all, Cold …

37 thoughts on “Cold Steel Tanto Series (Fixed Blade Knives)

  1. joe Recto says:

    My Master Tanto is 30 y.o. and has been used hard. My Magnum II is 4 y.o., and has not seen much use. They are both still looking great.I did have to replace the sheath on the Master, a couple of years ago. Thanks, Cold Steel. San Mai III Rocks!!!!

  2. Dre Ray says:

    I think they try WAY to hard in these demonstrations, Also tatami mats? Milani ropes? Cut something worth while, Something hard so you can REALLY show how sharp and durable the knives are, Im definetly thinking about ordering one, But given the VERy high prices of the knives(Im looking at the O Katana $450) Im not quite convinced yet.

  3. MrTurrandippy says:

    Either start showing results after bending the shit out of your knives, or stop using that Fucking pipe test. We know that Shit isn't going to be straight anywhere near 90°

  4. Splattis1996 says:

    I bought a Cold Steel tanto a couple of years ago that was flat ground with a double bevel edge. I have so much to say about it. The handle feels like 40g sandpaper that bites into my hand when I cut up wood. The edge angle is so wide it barely cuts. That makes the car door thing very little impressive. I was not happy with it. That is my opinion.

  5. scarab088 says:

    i just bought a CS tanto lite yesterday from a military surplus store. this is my first cold steel product and i have to say i am very pleased with it. now im even more excited about buying some more products.

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