Cold Steel Safe Maker Push Knife Available at KnifeCenter

Available at! Cold Steel has been making push knifes for a quarter century.

45 thoughts on “Cold Steel Safe Maker Push Knife Available at KnifeCenter

  1. Don Hart says:

    All jokes aside i really wouldn't wanna fuck with someone carrying one of these look at that pig and thats just what he can do while talking and messing round imagen what someone in good physical condition could do with that that if they were going 110% trying to destroy you

  2. Michael Ching says:

    I have this on my BOB left shoulder strap facing down. I reversed the clip direction. I can just reach up with my right hand and pull down to deploy. Most people have know idea what it is, just looks like a little handle on my bag. Great knife.

  3. Javier Gonzales says:

    It is NOT an awesome Choice for Somebody that likely (in the vast majority of Cases)
    he/she is NOT Capable of Really Distinguishing when to deploy a Lethal Weapon and/or
    is a lethal force self-defense situation.

    Introducing a Knife (unless is on a CLEAR lethal-force attack self-defense situation)
    is a VERY SERIOUS Situation ! It is really sad when you see teens entering even a
    Juvenile Prison.

    Even in Police Work with lots of training, it is blurry and difficult how to decide when
    to pull a knife (Lethal force) ! Defenitely not the best for a teen. Better Pepper Spray,
    or any less than lethal options.

  4. Eel Neerg says:

    This man, makes some of the best knives, and tools, in the world. I think you should show him a little respect…His company is awesome. The quality is high, and the price is fair, to low.

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