Cold Steel Peace Keeper II – Ideal Urban Fighting Knife



At 5.5″ long, the Peace Keeper II dagger has the ideal length and design for an urban fighting knife. It is lightweight and fast at 5.6 oz.. The hollow grinds means …

40 thoughts on “Cold Steel Peace Keeper II – Ideal Urban Fighting Knife

  1. Big Mofo says:

    8:36 A spike shape pommel? That is no going to be very comfortable in the palm of your hand. Perhaps you should learn about knife fighting before criticizing a fighting knife.

    While it fine to have a opinion, you should at least try to have an informed one.

  2. Ben Leach says:

    Good review. I own this knife. It's nearly perfect. Discontinued by cold steel though. Very light. Very sharp. Handle length is a little short. Not great for great big hands or gloves.

  3. Mike Vino says:

    A tactical knife should be used in urban environments. Why? The reality is you will likely end up in court. Attorneys can be masterful at manipulating the facts and can easily make the good guy into the bad guy. Who wants to spend fifteen years in a state prison? When asking the reason you had a knife, a tactical knife can much more easily be sold as part of your lifestyle whereas a fighting knife has one purpose and they will make it appear like you were out looking for trouble.

  4. bewarethegreyghost says:

    While I agree to a point, I have to disagree some. Weapons were invented because they are more effective than not having weapons. The average soldiers in WW2 were abysmally trained in gun handling and knife combat, yet they got the job done…..HARD. Weapons are inherently more effective than not having a weapon.

  5. mercoid says:

    All I have to say is, If you are going to present a knife in a life threatening situation, you better have some very serious hand to hand combat skills. Or carry a gun and also be very well practiced with it. So many people think that carrying a knife like this will make them safe when in fact the oppisite is true. you need hundreds of hours practice in H2H to be effective with a kniofe

  6. Karmic Juggernaut says:

    @icychap thank you for the sheath part of the review!!! it is an extremely important part when considering which knife to buy! is the Peace Keeper 2 is smaller than the Peace Keeper 1? I understand that the PK1 has a much better sheath than the PK2 is this correct? I am not a big fan of the belt clip on the PK2 sheath.

  7. Karmic Juggernaut says:

    Important Question!!!

    the peace keeper 1 sheath comes with a belt LOOP made of some type of nylon, similar to the OSS knife by cold steel???

    the peace keeper 2 sheath has a belt CLIP as in this video I would assume???

    Am I correct??? Just ordered the Peace Keeper 1 and am REALLY HOPING it has a belt loop the way the CS OSS does… sorry this is the most confusing post on youtube.

  8. eastblockfinest says:

    If you are interested, and if you are lucky get one. Here is Very best knife for fight ( real fight, to do as more damage as possible ) It's Russian knife, well if you're interested, you will find the info who's is the guy who made it… so here is title.


  9. icychap says:

    @blunden1000 That would depend on your jurisdiction. Strictly speaking, not all knives with double edges are defined as daggers (a knife with a sharpened false edge, for example). New York State does not define daggers at all.

  10. SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

    Great review, and good to hear someone say that it is very unlikely to have a knife on knife fight. With all of the videos on Youtube of people teaching "knife fighting" it's good to hear a real world opinion.

  11. EnduringEagle says:

    This was a great review! The discussion on tactical vs. fighting tool is right on the mark. If you are going to an area where there is a possibility of being attacked this knife is a good choice. I would not bring a "tactical" 3" folder as my primary unless you want to get killed.Most of the knives being bought today under the guise of being a "Tactical" folder is marketed to people's testosterone. Knife fights are ugly business.Don't get in one unless you are ready to kill or get killed.

  12. icychap says:

    @VengeanceIV For two reasons: 1) The sheath is on the knife at the beginning, so I cover it first before moving on; and 2) the sheath is a critical part of the knife as a system, assuming you intend to carry it rather than leave it in the box or display.

  13. Peachy Keen says:

    no offense, but why does everyone talk about the sheath for like half the vid? The first time you take the knife out is at about 4:50 and considering the whole video is a little over 9 minutes long- that makes it approximately half the video- again, no offense, but why not do the knife FIRST and the sheath/ carry options/ practicallity/ price range after? Im pretty sure most people just want to see the knife reviewed lol.

  14. icychap says:

    Yes, the kraton is extremely durable, and bonded to the steel in a way that won't allow it to flex. I have had the handle of a Trail Master tear, but that was only as a result of batoning with a hardwood log directly on the handle (by accident).

  15. icychap says:

    If it's what I'm thinking of, it's basically just a spike. I wouldn't recommend carrying something like that expecting to use it as an effective fighting tool. If I had no choice but to grab a pen or something similar, so be it, but having a choice, I would prepare with a knife – handle, guard, and blade.

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